The 2nd District council is creating a leisure park on the three neglected plots bordered by Csalit Street – Csatárka Road – Szikla Street. Residents have been asked to contribute to the plans – writes district newspaper, Budai Polgár. The goal has been to create a park that can be enjoyed by seniors, children and families, dogs and those looking to play sports. Plans have aimed to maintain and improve the quality of green spaces (including planting 100 new trees and 500 shrubs) and preserving existing, valuable trees.

Plans for the park on three plots along Csatárka Road and Csalit Street (Source:

The local newspaper reports that decision-makers at the local council gauged residents' needs at town halls last year. As a result, barbecue sites, and a fountain were omitted from the plans while additional benches and sunbeds were added. 

Visual of the Csalit – Csatárka Leisure Park (Source:

According to the improved plans, an outdoor gym, a geological and botanical educational trail and garden, a running track, a drinking fountain, a playground, a giant slide, a container building (toilet and café), a dog park and a traffic park will be built in the leisure park.

Geodetic measurements and preparatory work will be carried out on the site for about three weeks from the end of January – if rainfall does not increase significantly. These will include the removal of withered trees and shrubs. These tasks are not part of the construction but are necessary landscaping to achieve more accurate measurements.

The largest connected portion of the complex will be on the neglected plot on the even side of Csalit Street. The local council promises, healthy trees will be preserved (Photo: Júlia Kozics/

The revised plans were presented to residents of the immediate area in an online meeting on 1 February. The possible next steps were also discussed. Some new suggestions and requests from residents will also be included in the plans to create a park that everyone in the 2nd District can use happily.

Source: Budai Polgár, February 2021 | Abridge in translation

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