M3 metró

2022. május 16. 06:00
The renewed Kálvin Square, Corvin Quarter and Semmelweis Klinikák stations have been handed over in the middle section of the M3 metro. Due to this, the trains run from Kőbánya-Kispest to Kálvin square from Saturday. Renovation of six more stations will continue, which are scheduled to be handed over on 15 March, 2023.
2022. március 21. 19:00
Reconstruction of the M3 metro is approaching another stage. The renovated Calvin Square, Corvin Quarter and Semmelweis Clinic stations are scheduled to be handed over to the traveling public in May.
2022. február 18. 16:00
The three stations of the M3 metro line, Kálvin Square, Corvin and Semmelweis Clinics, will open in May. For the first time in Hungary, sloping tracks will be built on this metro line, which will provide passengers with easier transport at a total of six stations, the other three stops will be Ferenciek square, Arany János street and Nyugati railway station.
2021. május 13. 09:00
The development of the Budapest underground network entered a new phase 50 years ago when the construction of the city’s third metro line began. Although the ideas changed a lot and the work planned for 15 years took 20, today’s Metro Line 3 is one of Budapest's most important transport corridors.
2020. november 7. 09:00
The renovation of the M3 metro line will continue from 7 November. Trains will not serve Stations between Lehel Square and Nagyvárad Square. Changes to urban traffic and public transport are planned to be in place for one and a half years.
2020. október 21. 09:30
Trains will run the entire length of the M3 metro line for two weeks until 6 November. On 7 November renovation of the central section between Nagyvárad tér and Lehel tér stations will begin.
2020. október 15. 19:30
Renovation of the section began in April 2019 and was completed recently. Four stations of the line have been rebuilt. Its tunnels renewed, the track network, signals and safety systems modernised, alongside passenger information and other electrical systems. The renovated metro section will be opened to the public at 5 pm on 22 October. Following the opening the metro will again run the full length of the line but not stop at its central stations: Semmelweis klinikák, Corvin Negyed, Ferenciek tere and Arany János utca.
2020. szeptember 23. 17:00
Metro line M3 is planned to reopen to passengers at the end of October, following the acceptance procedures.