The MTI reports that the reflective sculptures were erected on Corvin Promenade in Budapest, and interact with passers-by through their reflective surfaces.

The statues entitled Triptych and Dual by Áron Mikus can be seen on the courtyard of the Corvin Technology Park office building. The reflective, aluminium sculptures break with tradition in both form and choice of material, added the organizers of the competition.

The report highlights that the creation of the work was a demanding process. Their creation required 3 tonnes of sand, four tonnes of aluminium and three thousand sheets of sandpaper.

Visual concept of Triptych and Dual (Photo: Noguchi Porter Novelli)

The main elements were completed in a workshop and moved to their final location only partially polished. Work continued after on-site welding was completed. Reflective properties similar to that of a mirror were the goal, necessitating one week of coordinated work from 11 professionals.

"The almost dazzling reflection is a defining element of the sculptures, as through it the buildings, people and their general surroundings appear on them. As a result, Triptych and Dual become one with the view of their surroundings but uniquely change it in every moment" – Áron Mikus is quoted as saying.

The new statue in the courtyard of the Corvin Technology Park (Photo: Noguchi Porter Novelli)

The three-legged Triptych was chosen from among 22 entries to a competition announced by the Futureal Group and the University of Fine Arts for students or graduates of art universities. The goal was to create an outstanding work of art that would become a focal point of the modern promenade while engaging with passers-by in a unique and interactive way.

The three-metres-tall, nearly nine-metres-wide and over nine-metres long statue stands next to its sibling, Dual, which is three metres shorter.

"The shape and surface of the two statues create an intimate internal space, which almost elevates the audience of the works to become part of them" – said Gábor Radványi, chief architect of the Futureal Group.

Source: MTI

Opening picture: Sculptures Triptych and Dual by Áron Mikus on Corvin promenade (Photo: MTI/Zoltán Balogh)