Royal Palace of Buda Castle reopens with new guided walk and Hauszmann exhibition

Hungarian version of the article: Hauszmann-kiállítással és új történelmi sétával nyit a Budavári Palotanegyed

May 1, 2021 at 2:00 PM

Cultural life has returned to the Royal Palace. A new, free exhibition entitled The Hauszmann Story presents the rebirth of the Buda Castle District. Visitors are also invited on a spectacular, underground adventure walk as part of the Buda Castle Walks.

From 4 May, life will resume in the Royal Palace. A completely new, exciting exhibition presents the turn-of-the-century and present-day developments of the Royal Palace. The exhibition entitled The Hauszmann Story can be visited free of charge in building A. The heyday of the palace is highlighted through multimedia exhibits.

Cultural life resumes in Buda Castle (Photo: Várkapitányság)

According to the press release, in addition to the turn-of-the-century events, the devastation of World War II and the conscious destruction of the ensuing period will also be revealed. The exhibition also presents the current rebirth of the Buda Castle, the developments within the framework of the National Hauszmann Program. The exhibition can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. Guided tours start at 1 and 3 pm when the exhibition is open.

The exhibition entitled The Hauszmann Story can be visited in building "A" of Buda Palace (Photo: Várkapitányság)

The popular guided walks will also resume in the first week of May. Visitors will learn about the history and secrets of the Castle. The new walk entitled The Legacy of Hajim, which guides visitors through the zigzagging cellar system of Castle Hill, is a new adventure. The walk evokes the life of the medieval Jewish quarter through pictures, sounds and scents. The walk also includes a visit to the oldest surviving Jewish ritual bath in Hungary. Tickets for guided walks can be booked at

The new walk entitled The Legacy of Hajim guides visitors through the cellar system of Castle Hill (Photo: Várkapitányság)

“During the forced shutdown, we prepared several new offerings for the reopening,” the statement quotes Krisztina Sikota, Deputy Director-General for Tourism and Culture at Várkapitányság. “We are very pleased to welcome visitors back with two completely new events. We hope that the usual cultural life can gradually return to the Buda Castle, we believe that we all need it.”

The rebuilt Riding Hall (Photo: Castle Captain)

From the first week of May, the historic exhibition A New World Was Born can again be visited in the Castle Garden Bazaar. The exhibition is a comprehensive attempt to present the First World War and the upheaval of societies from a new perspective. The exhibition of the House of Terror Museum in the Castle Garden Bazaar can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm; guided tours can be requested at a pre-arranged time.

Until the end of June, visitors can also see Art Nouveau posters on the southern terrace of the Castle Garden Bazaar. Visitors can admire the unique panorama while walking among the artistic posters of Géza Faragó.

The works of the poster artist Géza Faragó can be seen on the southern panoramic terrace of the Castle Garden Bazaar (Photo: Várkapitányság)

Exhibitions and guided walks can be visited by people over 18 who have an immunity certificate and valid ID. Children under the age of 18 are exempt from these rules. Compliance with current health and safety rules is mandatory for participants.

Várkapitányság staff are also observing social distancing precautions: despite the fact that most of the team has already been vaccinated, all workers will continue to wear masks, and hand disinfection points will be available indoors for greater safety.

Source: Várkapitányság

Cover photo: Royal Palace of Buda Castle reopens with a new exhibition and historical walk (Photo: Várkapitányság)

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