Yet another construction project is beginning in the Budapest city centre. Mai Belváros, the magazine of the 5th District, reports that work connected to the reconstruction of Fontana house under 16 Váci Street and 15 Régi Posta Street is to begin.

Visual design of the new building planned in place of Fontana House (Photo: Mai Belváros)

Fontana House opened in 1984 (Photo: Balázs Both/

The building's owner, Müller Drogéria Magyarország Bt. has received a permit for the partial demolition of the building and the construction of a new structure. The project is planned to last about 2–2,5 years. The construction contractor informed Mai Belváros that the owner's shop and other commercial areas would be placed on the ground floor, first floor and underground floor. Thirty-five large flats are planned for the floors above.

The house on the corner of Váci and Régi Posta Streets is a well-known element of the cityscape. The eight-story shopping centre was built between 1969 and 1984, including all preparatory work, actual construction began in 1977.

The intersection of Régi Posta Street and Váci Street, the Fontana Department Store and the Hermes Fountain in front of it (Photo: Fortepan/No.: 67096)

The building was designed by the architect György Vedres, who was involved in several developments of the Budapest city centre in the 1970s, including the construction of shopping arcades and shops.

The building under 16 Váci street was opened in 1984 and has borne many names throughout its history. First known as the Fontana Department Store, later Fontana Fashion House, and then the Aranypóx–Konzumek Clothes Shop. Today it is generally referred to as Fontana House. The shopping area sprawls across three stories, while offices and a restaurant operate in the remaining floors.

A three-storey residential building designed by József Hild and owned by János Mocsonyi, a major landowner of the historic Torontál county once occupied the plot on which Fontana House stands today. The building was torn down in 1947 after suffering heavy damage in World War II.

The intersection of Váci street and régi Posta Street in 1963, the old Hild-building had already been torn down, but construction was yet to begin (Photo: Fortepan/No.: 3795)

Váci Street as seen from Régi Posta Street, the old City hall in the background (Photo: FSZEK Budapest Collection)

The Hermes Fountain was erected in 1983 (Photo: Balázs Both/

Source: Mai Belváros,

Cover photo: New building to be built instead of Fontana House in the city centre (Photo: Balázs Both/