Extra work slows renovation of Western Railway Station

Hungarian version of the article: Jövő nyárra csúszik a Nyugati pályaudvar csarnokának átadása

November 16, 2020 at 4:00 PM

The renovation of the 143-year-old Nyugati Pályaudvar's, the Western Railway Station's, roof is underway. However, due to newly discovered faults revealed by the work in progress, further repairs will have to be carried out on the historical monument. These unforeseen additional tasks will delay completion of the restoration until the end of summer 2021.

Flaws hidden since the previous renovation fifty years ago have been uncovered during the currently underway renovation of the Western Railway Station. Thus the main hall will only be reopened at the end of summer 2021, instead of December this year. However, the deadline for the entire renovation – Q2 2022 – remains unchanged, MÁV told the MTI on Monday.

According to the information published on the rail company's website, the unforeseen faults and necessary repairs have forced the extended closure of the main hall. New timetables valid from 13 December, and other passenger information will be published by the end of the month and will be accessible on www.mav.hu/nyugati.

Half-a-century-old hidden faults uncovered during the renovation of the roof structure (Photo: MÁV)

The current renovation of the roof structure has uncovered structural cracks and the severe corrosion of the rainwater drainage system, which has led to the walls being soaked. A patch-like repair would not be a lasting solution. Thus in cooperation with the historical monument administration, the entire interior masonry will be renovated on an area of 1210 square meters. Rainwater has also damaged 75 windows and doors; these will be replaced and painted the brown colour of the original design.

The published information also revealed that the internal floor stones are also irreparably corroded. These will also be restored in cooperation with the administration.

The railway company added that modernisation efforts are also underway to ensure that the passengers are greeted by a more comfortable, cleaner environment and more modern passenger information system when the hall reopens.

Western Railway Station before the renovation (Photo: Balázs Both/pestbuda.hu)

Similarly to the renovation completed in the Eastern Railway Station last year, a new LED-powered passenger information board will be installed and traditional signs standardised. Platforms are being repaved, missing glass panes replaced, all surfaces cleaned of graffiti and uniform platform furniture being installed. Marble and other stone tiles, parapets and railings are to be repaired. A ramp to ensure ease-of-access will be created between Teréz Boulevard and the ticket desks. MÁV-START will install 27 ticket machines on the premises in 2021.

At a press conference held in May, it was announced hat the roof renovations would be carried out by Magyar Építő Zrt. for a total cost of almost 9 billion HUF.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: Main hall of Western Railway Station to open in summer 2021 (Photo: MÁV)

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