“The remains of buildings and material artefacts tied to the Tumulus culture have expanded our knowledge of the previously uncovered settlement," reads a report on the excavation published on the regeszet.aquincum.hu webpage, which serves as the archaeology portal of the Budapest History Museum.

In the autumn of 2020, archaeologists carried out a dig in the 14th district, before the construction of a residential complex began in Alsórákos. The excavation was carried out on almost 3000 square metres in December along Rákos Stream, in search of the remains of the ancient settlement. Archaeologists found the remains of two pile houses and datable ceramic artefacts.

The report states that the wooden-buildings were constructed by the so-called Tumulus culture in the Late Bronze Age, about 3300 years ago. The holes in which the piles once stood made the floorplan of the former house discernible.

Bronze Age pendant found on the site (Photo: regeszet.aquincum.hu)

The Bronze Age settlement was surrounded by a complex system of ditches, which could have played a role in both defence and drainage, the latter function may have been needed due to the possible flooding of the nearby Rákos Stream. An elegant pendant and the remnants of a spear were unearthed from one of these ditches.

Groundwater preserved the surviving pieces of wood for over three millennia. Two piles show traces of cutting or sawing, while a wooden plank shows signs of tapping. The piles were placed vertically around the bottom of a pit, while the plans served as its flooring.

The wooden remains are fascinating finds, as they allow researchers a glimpse into the technologies of the time, and the natural plant life of the period. Even more importantly, tree rings can provide insight into the exact time the tree was felled and held in dating the site they were found in. Expansion of the residential complex will reveal new details of the site in the coming years.

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Source: regeszet.aquincum.hu

Cover photo: New areas of ancient settlement found along Rákos stream (Photo: regeszet.aquincum.hu)