Replanning of Szent János hospital begins

Hungarian version of the article: Megkezdődött a Szent János Kórház újratervezése

January 19, 2021 at 7:00 PM

Szent János Hospital, which covers nearly 150,000 square meters and has nearly fifty buildings, will be renovated over several years. The designers promise that the listed historical buildings of the pavilion-type hospital will be redesigned to preserve their architectural heritage while bringing them in line with the demands of modern medicine.

The entire area of Szent János Hospital (1125 Budapest, 1–3 Diós Road), which covers almost 150 thousand square metres, will be renovated over several years. TSPC and CÉH+ will complete the plans. The development of the nearly 50-building hospital is listed as a priority government investment – a statement from TSPC highlights.

The listed historical buildings of the pavilion-style hospital line the slope of the hill on terraces. Though once modern, they are now in bad condition. The designers claim that their plans will protect the old buildings while bringing them in line with the demands of modern medicine.

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The 14-hectare area of the hospital will be renovated, parking and patient registration and movement completely rethought. The hospital will remain open during the renovation, providing healthcare for the population of Northern and Central Buda and 125 nearby settlements.

History of Szent János Hospital

In 1887, the construction of the 300-bed Szent János Hospital was ordered and originally functioned as a hospital for the poor and those with infectious diseases. The earliest hospital on Margit boulevard was also named after Saint John. After opening in the 1820s, it treated patients in an operating theatre in 1848 and had six doctors for twenty wards.

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By the end of the century, the population of Buda had grown greatly, and a new hospital was needed. The vineyards along Diósárok were chosen as a location and a pavilion-style hospital designed. The hospital opened with five departments: surgery, internal medicine, paediatrics, Dermatology and Venereology, later an ophthalmology department was established. Departments for gynaecology, infectious paediatrics and other medicine were created soon after.

A pavilion for patients in rehabilitation was built in 1903, from a donation made by the wealthy entrepreneur Albert Wodiáner. An X-ray laboratory was established in 1910, and a general laboratory in 1917. The country's first orthopaedic surgery department was established here In 1918.

The institution currently houses all branches of modern medicine apart from cardiovascular surgery. 

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