The Ministry of Agriculture building on Kossuth Square will be rebuilt as part of the Steindl Imre Program. The building will be partially demolished and then rebuilt; only its historically protected elements will remain original. 

The building of the Ministry of Agriculture today (Photo: Balázs Both/

Bukovics' ornate Neo-Renaissance facades and valuable interiors are to be restored to their original beauty and richness – writes the Facebook page of the Imre Steindl Program.

A central inner courtyard – previously closed to the public – will be opened to visitors, and the offices in the building will be modernized for the staff of the returning ministry.

The central inner courtyard of the building will be opened to visitors (Photo: Steindl Imre Program)

The goal of the renovation is the long-term sustainable preservation of historical values. During the first comprehensive renovation of the more than a hundred-year-old building, a structural defect known since its completion – which has made using the building difficult – will have to be corrected. As a result, some parts of its interior will have to be demolished.

Render of the rear and Alkotmány street facades restored according to the original plans by Gyula Bukovics (Photo: Steindl Imre Program)

Entrance to the passage from Kossuth Lajos Square (Photo: Steindl Imre Program)

Orthogonal view of the rear facade. Remodelled facade elements and the two floors added latter highlighted in pink (Photo: Steindl Imre Program)

Building of the Ministry of Agriculture, circa 1895, photographed by György Klösz (Photo: Fortepan/No.: 82381)

Part of the rear wing will also be torn down. The wing was rebuilt several times, and two floors added to it later. Plans for the renovation will be completed soon. Construction may begin in the summer and is expected to take 3 years.

Cover photo: Design render of the reconstructed building  (Photo: Steindl Imre Program)