"Objektív szemmel" (Through an 'objective' lens) is the title of an outdoor exhibition that presents a selection of photographs taken by the War Correspondent Company from 1941 to 1944, organized by the Military History Institute and Museum. The exhibition offers visitors to Buda Castle insight into the life of Hungarian troops fighting on the eastern front and the reporting units that captured them.

According to the museum's statement, the War Correspondent Companies were special military organizations that had moving printing presses, sound studios, and film projection carts on the front. Its members were journalists, radio operators, filmmakers, photographers and their associated technical staff, who provided the press with written materials and images sent from the front.  

Photographs taken by war correspondents can be seen on the building and windows of the Institute and Museum of Military History (Source: MTI)  

Tábori Újság, Képes Tábori Újság, Tábori Híradó and Donparti Járőt were created by these units. The companies were first sent to the eastern front in the autumn of 1941, and then between May 1942 and April 1943, they served in the Hungarian 2nd Army.

The exhibition organisers aim to draw attention to the fact that Hungary entered World War II 80 years ago. The outdoor exhibition can be seen on the wing of the museum facing Árpád Tóth Promenade and Kapistrán Square until October 17.

Cover photo: Outdoor exhibition at the Military History Institute and Museum (Source: MTI)