The renovation and transformation of Batthyány Square have been on the agenda for a long time. Now the Budapest Transport Center is transforming the space in cooperation with the 1 District local council. In the course of the works started today, the service road near Fő Street parallel to the Danube will be closed, and a pedestrian-friendly area created. The announcement states that the local council will create a pedestrian area covered with flowers, renovate the green areas and benches, and install several new rubbish bins.

1st District local council to create a pedestrian-friendly area (Photo: Lívia Blázsovics /

The Budavár local council has written on Facebook that no major renovation of the square is planned. It was recently revealed that the Budapest Development Center is planning to insulate the roof of the underpass tunnel used by the suburban railway tracks in the coming 2–3 years. As such a project would have a major impact on the square, any major renovation efforts will only be planned after the work has been completed.

For the time being, no. 39 buses will stop in front of the Market Hall, in the future, they will terminate and depart from the service road in front of Saint Anne's Church (Photo: Lívia Blázsovics /

Due to the works, bus stops will be moved around the square.  Buses 39 and 109 will be moved to the service road in front of Saint Anne's Church, while routes 11 and 111 will stop on the north side of the square, next to the stair to the underpass. The option to turn left from Bem Embankment towards Fő Street on the service road in front of Saint Anne's Church will be closed. Only busses and taxis will be allowed on the square.

Cover photo: Work begins on batthyány Square (Photo: Lívia Blázsovics /