A confectionery opened in the Museum Garden in a former garden house

Hungarian version of the article: Cukrászda nyílt a Múzeumkert egykori kertészházában

July 7, 2021 at 4:00 PM

In the garden of the Hungarian National Museum, in the renovated former garden house, a new confectionery is operating today, run by the Auguszt family. The store opened in the building on the side of Pollack Mihály Square was named after Geraldine Apponyi, who was the niece of Albert Apponyi and married the King of Albania in 1938.

The confectionery, which has now opened in the former garden house of the Museum Garden, was named after Geraldine Apponyi, a former employee of the Hungarian National Museum, writes the MTI. The confectionery is run by the Auguszt family.

Benedek Varga, the director general of the Hungarian National Museum, recalled at the inauguration that the eponym of the museum garden shop, the Queen of Albania, had been an employee of the institution before her marriage, from 1937. He helped process the collections, sold publications, and assisted in informing visitors in foreign languages.

Geraldine Apponyi did not work in the museum for long since in 1938 she married Zogu I, the Albanian king in Tirana. In honor of her memory, it was decided that the café designed with the expansion of a 19th-century garden house should bear her name.

The confectionery established with the expansion of the 19th century garden house was named after Geraldine Apponyi (Photo: Balázs Both / pestbuda.hu)

The Director-General recalled that the Museum, in collaboration with the Albanian Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the descendants of the ruling couple, had also organized two temporary exhibitions over the past five years that elaborated on the history of the ruling couple.  

“Geraldine’s story is both wonderful and sad, as she was the Queen of Albania for only a year. During this short time, she has managed to win the hearts of the people, she is fondly remembered in Albania, ”said Albanian Ambassador Arian Spasse in his speech.

Cozy terrace in the Museum Garden (Photo: Balázs Both / pestbuda.hu)

The confectionery is operated by the Auguszt family (Photo: Balázs Both / pestbuda.hu)

The site is located in the shady part of Pollack Mihály Square (Photo: Balázs Both / pestbuda.hu)

On the occasion of the event, the Historical Photo Gallery of the Hungarian National Museum was enriched with a photo album of Imre Hunyor, a former lawyer of Queen Albania Geraldine Apponyi, thanks to the gifts of the descendants, Katalin Piazza-Hunyor and Barbara Piazza-Georgi.

The photo album of the royal couple’s wedding contains more than two hundred, mostly small, photographs. The recordings capture the moments and participants of the Tirana ceremony and accompanying programs, as well as the return journey of the car convoy of Hungarian guests through the camera of photojournalist Sándor Bojár and an amateur photographer.

Dr. Imre Hunyor's wedding photo album (Source: mnm.hu)

The confectionery has a guest space of about 120 square meters, and the terrace will initially accommodate 24 people, but this can be expanded later.

This is the fourth store of the Auguszt family - which has a 150-year history - in the capital (Photo: Balázs Both / pestbuda.hu)

The confectionery, located in the shady part of the Museum Garden facing Mihály Pollack Square, welcomes guests from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm, except on Mondays.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: August confectionery opened in the Museum Garden (Photo: Balázs Both / pestbuda.hu)

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