The new sports and adventure center of the Inner City has opened on only a trial basis, the facility at 30 Vadász Street can be used by those living in the 5th District for the time being. 

The building, whose façade is made special by the motif of human muscle fibers, was designed by György Skardelli, a Kossuth Prize-winning architect. The green, ecological approach, which has become more and more visible in the 5th District in the recent years, also appears in the building, the local government expressly intended that the facility be low-energy, with its own thermal well and a solar park installed on the roof, the 5th District local council writes. 

The double façade in Vadász Street, designed in the spirit of energy efficiency, the motif on the façade was inspired by human muscle fibers (Source: Belváros-Lipótváros Local Council)

According to the information, the building was designed with a double façade in the name of energy efficiency: the metal-glass structure stretched in front of the real façade creates a light court running through the entire height of the building, allowing natural light to reach underground levels, and it also helps the energetics system of the building.

The name of the sports center V.30 refers to the location, the building at 30 Vadász Street (Photo: Júlia Kozics /  

As part of the investment, the local council drilled an 800-meter-deep thermal well and succeeded, the thermal water brought in this way is suitable for heating the building, heating the water in the pools and, last but not least, bathing.

The water of the thermal well is used for the wellness area (Source: Belváros-Lipótváros Local Council)

The multi-storey complex, with its many features, has multiplied the area of a plot of just 35x19 meters, counterbalancing the small floor space with practical architectural solutions such as a training pool suspended above the swimming pool or the sports hall’s terrace and movable walls of the function rooms.

Special architectural solution: suspended training pool above the 25-metre pool (Source: Belváros-Lipótváros Local Council) 

The new facility will feature 4-lane, 25-metre pool, training pool, thermal water wellness area, saunas, steam room, jacuzzi, volleyball, basketball, badminton courts, teqball tables, fitness center, sports studios and the second highest climbing wall in Budapest.

Basketball court in the sports centre (Source:  Belváros-Lipótváros Local Council) 

The second highest climbing wall of Budapest was also built (Source: Belváros-Lipótváros Local Council)  

The sections of the sports centre can be used only by the residents of the 5th district during the trial run throughout the summer, but they are free of charge (Source:  Belváros-Lipótváros Local Council)  

Although the sports centre was completed last year, it could not be opened due to the coronavirus pandemic, but a trial run involving guests, which is needed for the autumn opening, may start this summer, for the time being, with the participation of the community of inner city residents only. The construction of the facility was implemented by the district with government support. 

The local council's announcement also states that the new centre also brought with it the development of the surrounding Vadász Street and Nagysándor József Street, which was handed over by the Inner City Local Council in 2020 with a row of 20 trees, accessible and renovated with natural stone.

Source: Belváros-Lipótváros Local Council

Cover Photo: The facade of the new sports facility at 30 Vadász Street is made special by the motif of human muscle fibers (Photo: Júlia Kozics /