The clock tower in Káposztásmegyer was renovated

Hungarian version of the article: Felújították a káposztásmegyeri óratornyot

August 24, 2021 at 3:00 PM

A nice and interesting highlight of the microdistrict in Káposztásmegyer is the clock tower reminiscent of the Transylvanian belfries. The building, made of oak by handicrafts, was renovated and cleaned in August.

The 23-meter-high clock tower of the microdistrict in Káposztásmegyer shows not only the time, but it also gives a unique atmosphere to the square surrounded by ten-storey residential buildings. This was exactly the goal of the sculptors Ágnes Péter and Enikő Szöllőssy in 1988, when the clock tower was made.

The clock tower, which evokes the Transylvanian belfries, was erected in the microdistrict in Káposztásmegyer in 1988 (Photo:

In a recent interview published in the newspaper of the local council of Újpest, the Munkácsy Mihály Prize winner Ágnes Péter stated that they wanted to plan a meeting place on a human scale, where people spend time gladly and which in a single word describes the place where they meet.

With the exception of the clockwork, the building is a handicraft, so it carries a special message between the panel houses (Photo:

The clock tower itself is reminiscent of Transylvanian belfries, the bells are evoked by copper plate sculptures. A special curiosity of the oak structure is that it is entirely a handicraft with the exception of the clockwork.  

The bells are symbolized by the copper plates (Photo:

The clock tower was cleaned and renovated in August; cracked or rotten beams were replaced.

We hope that the tower will proclaim its message in the microdistrict in Káposztásmegyer for a long time to come.

Cover photo: Clock tower in the microdistrict in Káposztásmegyer (Photo:

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