A statue pays tribute to the legacy of Alfred Hajós

Hungarian version of the article: Szoborral tisztelegnek Hajós Alfréd öröksége előtt

Written by: Pestbuda.hu

November 28, 2021 at 3:00 PM

The Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association (Mazsike) and the MANK Hungarian Creative Public Nonprofit Ltd. want to pay tribute to Alfred Hajós, first champion of the modern Olympic games.

As highlighted in their announcement, Alfréd Hajós is the first Hungarian champion of the modern Olympic Games, whose entire oeuvre, athletes, sports leaders, journalists, architects and public figures exemplify the ancient Olympic ideal, the importance of the harmony of body and soul.

Alfred Hajós was recognized by the world as a swimmer who won two gold medals at the first Modern Olympics. He stopped swimming five years after earning his degree in architecture. He spent his student years in the workshops of Ignác Alpár and Ödön Lechner, then opened an independent office and designed several sports facilities and residential buildings.

The National Sports Swimming Pool on Margaret Island, designed by Alfréd Hajós and bearing his name today, in 1931 (Photo: Fortepan / Image ID: 58265)

Five artists made it to the second round of the sculpture competition, and the first place winner was Attila Nagy, a sculptor from Hódmezővásárhely. The results of the tender was announced on 30 November at Mazsike Munkácsy Mihály Street headquarters. In the presence of the Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association, the organizations announcing the competition, the jury and the representatives of the press, you can see the model of the winner's entry marked "Gold of the Hungarian Dolphin".

Source: Mazsike.hu

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