As part of the renovation of the Chain Bridge, the specialists will also restore and reconstruct the lighting poles, which had to be removed from the bridge before the demolition work began, writes the Budapest Transport Center (BKK). The first candelabra were therefore removed from the bridge head when the Chain Bridge was completely closed on 16 June, 2021. 

The candelabra of the Chain Bridge were transported after the bridge was closed (photo: Both Balázs /

A total of four large Széchenyi-era bronze candelabras with three luminaires have survived from the original public lighting columns of the bridge, BKK indicates. The reason for this was that between the two world wars, due to the modernization of public lighting, the columns had to be placed more densely and iron castings were placed on the bridge instead of the originals. Iron castings were also used in the restoration of the Chain Bridge in 1949. Such a cast iron is the one-luminaire, 12 shore and 8 pylon candelabra, as well as the 32 single-branch bridge candelabra - we learned from the information.

The candelabra are restored according to their appearance in 1914 (photo: Both Balázs /

In the course of the ongoing work, the experts relied on the 1914 appearance of the bridge candelabra. There is no detailed professional design documentation for the luminaires, so they work with the help of contemporary photos, documents and articles. With the involvement and supervision of heritage experts, 32 columns will be reconstructed and remanufactured as three-pronged candelabras, and 24 candelabras (including the four Széchenyi corabels) will be carefully restored.

The results of the research provided a good and credible basis for the careful design and preparation of casting samples for candelabra, which are used to manufacture the iron structure of lighting poles in a foundry in Mohács. As we have learned, they work in the iron foundry, similar to the technology of the time, but with modern equipment.

Around the Chain Bridge in 1900 (photo: FSZEK Budapest Collection)

The ornate lighting poles are also technically renewed: instead of the current sodium lamp lighting, all candelabras will be equipped with a modern and energy-saving LED light source.

Once the restored and new cast iron candelabras have been assembled, they are put back painted in the bluish-gray color of the Chain Bridge. The four large candelabras of the Széchenyi period will show the original bronze surface. 


Cover photo: Some of the lighting poles of the Chain Bridge will be renovated, more will be remanufactured as part of the restoration of the bridge (photo: Both Balázs /