Within the framework of the Liget Budapest project, Városliget will be enriched with a new lookout, according to the MTI announcement. From the beginning of May, it will be possible to use the Ballon Lookout on Mimosa Hill, which is nothing more than a hot air balloon rising up to 150 meters in good weather conditions. The Balloon Lookout will be able to lift 30 people at a time in the silence of the wind, all in safe conditions, as it will meet European safety standards in every way.

The painting of Pál Szinyei Merse inspired the appearance of the Ballon Lookout Tower (Photo: MTI / Márton Mónus)

As the MTI rumor reminds us, with the creation of the Balloon Lookout, a nearly 120-year-old tradition is revived, as the Millennium Celebrations of 1896 had a similar means of entertaining those coming to the millennial exhibition. Earlier, the designer of the Városliget, Heinrich Nebbien, also envisioned Mimosa Hill as a lookout.

Within the framework of Liget Budapest, the central element of the City Playground's Great Playground, the giant balloon climber, which evokes the world of Pál Szinyei's work, has already been completed. This is no different in the case of the upcoming Ballon Lookout Tower: this time too, the lookout tower will have a faithful look to the Szinyei world of colors.

The Mimosa Hill, which houses the lookout, has also been rehabilitated. On the renovated 10,000 square meters, the green surface, the road network, new street furniture and rubbish bins were placed. The former 700-square-foot, obsolete beer tent was demolished and a significantly smaller, state-of-the-art café and toilet was created in its place.

The Ballon Lookout Tower will be a real rarity, as the only lookout tower of this type in the Central European region will operate exclusively in Budapest, Városliget.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: Balloon lookout in the City Park (Photo: MTI / Márton Mónus)