In the spring of 2021, the district mlocal council announced a tender for the establishment of a ghetto monument in Klauzál Square. A professional jury selected the best of the entries. The winner was announced at an online conference on Friday. According to the decision, the concept of Levente Szabó, the lead designer of the Seventh Studio, was adopted. The announcement also stated that they are not expecting traditional sculptures, but works that raise new questions in a novel way and address today's young people as well.

The project work (source: Seventh Studio)

Instead of "ostentatious public attractions," the designer sought thoughtful, symbolic solutions. A circular bronze plate will be placed in the middle of Klauzál Square. The area of the circle will be four square meters, that’s because there’s so much space for a prisoner in the ghetto due to congestion.

Traces of three thousand nails will be visible in the bronze plate, reminiscent of the buried dead. The missing, numbered memorials are placed on the road sections where the planks of the former ghetto stretched.

Memorial nails will be placed on the site of the former ghetto (source: Seventh Studio)


Cover photo: The ghetto monument will be erected in Klauzál Square (source: