Earlier, we also wrote that a new sports facility will be added to The Cistercian St. Imre High School in Buda, located on Villányi street in the 11th district, was handed over in a ceremonial setting. The modern sports hall of about 3,700 square meters next to the neo-baroque building of the grammar school was designed by Alfréd Peschka, according to a statement from MTI. The two buildings are connected by a glass bridge.

The new sports hall of 3700 square meters is connected to the building of the grammar school by a glass bridge (photo: MTI / Lajos Soós)

As the MTI announcement shows, there is a two-level handball court on the ground floor of the new building, and an even larger sports court with a 150-seat grandstand on the ground floor. In addition, the building also has two gyms, washrooms, changing rooms and teacher rooms. In the grammar school building, the rooms formerly intended for sports functions have been converted into libraries, dining rooms and classrooms.

The sports ground on the upper level also has an auditorium for 150 people (photo: MTI / Lajos Soós)

The grammar school was founded by the Cistercian order in 1912, but at that time it still rented classrooms from the capital. The cornerstone of the neo-baroque grammar school designed by Gyula Wälder was laid in 1927 and completed in 1929. The boys' high school at that time very quickly became one of the best-known high schools in the country. After the World War, the school was nationalized, which took the name József Attila High school. After the change of regime, a Cistercian class was started in the grammar school, then in 1997 the Cistercian St. Imre High School in Buda was reopened.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: The new sports hall of the Cistercian St. Imre High School in Buda (MTI / Lajos Soós) has been handed over