2022. április 24. 10:30
On Thursday, the Törőcsik Mari park was inaugurated in the 11th district. The hitherto unnamed parkland at Bottomless Lake now bears the name of the legendary actress.
2022. március 18. 15:30
The new gymnasium of the Cistercian St. Imre Gymnasium in Buda was handed over. The 3,700-square-foot new hall is connected by a glass corridor to the neo-baroque building of the grammar school, built in 1929.
2022. február 16. 18:30
Several modern buildings in the 11th district would be placed under local protection by amending the relevant decree in the capital. These are the blocks of the Beloiannisz Telecommunications Factory dated to 1962–1963, the former Vertesz office building handed over in 1963, or the residential building on the corner of Fehérvári road, Eszék street, completed in 1960.
2022. február 14. 17:00
Although several locations in Újbuda were mentioned, in the vote that has just ended, more than 50 percent of voters have chosen to have the park around the Bottomless Lake named after Mari Törőcsik in the future. The actress, who died in 2021, lived in the 11th district, and in 2016 he was awarded the title of honorary citizen. However, in order for the park around the Bottomless Lake to take the name of Mari Törőcsik, it is still necessary for the decision of the district representative body and the approval of the General Assembly of the Capital City.
2021. november 24. 15:00
The new education and innovation center, which will be developed from Corvinus University’s Ménesi Road campus, has been inspired by world-class university buildings. This will be the first Hungarian university space in the construction of which sustainability aspects will be fully taken into account. It is the building in which the College of Public Administration operated until the end of 1999.
2021. szeptember 9. 19:00
A park would be created on Budaörsi Road, on the site of the former US military cemetery. The exact functions are still under discussion, including the possibility of an external exhibition area, which has many valuable shrubs and mature trees.
2021. augusztus 11. 20:00
The Danube Bank area on Árasztó Road in the 11th District would temporarily function as a new public space from the end of August. The local council and the City and River Association (Város és Folyó Egyesület - Valyo) would set up picnic tables and sunbeds to promote the shoreline, the Újbuda district newspaper reported.
2021. március 20. 14:00
A large 12 000 square metre park has been created among the tower blocks built in Újbuda in the 1970s. Sprawling between Tétényi Road and Fejér Lipót Street, the park includes renovated sports fields and courts, walkways, new ping pong tables and rest stops.
2021. február 13. 15:00
The Museum of Transport has published visuals of the planned conversion of the Budapest-Kelenföld railway station. The dilapidated station building closed in 2019. The Museum of Science, Technology and Transport will create a new exhibition space about the history of the railway in the building, which will also house temporary exhibitions. In a government decree on Tuesday, the renovation of the building was classified a priority investment.
2020. november 26. 14:00
The secondary school in Buda has received a completely new sports hall, the roof of which is a handball court.