The remodelling of the Kelenföld Railway Station building has been classified as a priority investment in government decree 55/2021 (II. 9.), published in the Hungarian Gazette on Tuesday.

"The Museum of Transport has been allowed to save the building from destruction and to renovate the structure of the Kelenföld Railway Station – a listed historical monument – to a state worthy of its 150-year history.

The Museum of Transport will create a new exhibition space in the building to showcase the railway's history; the main attraction will be a model railway table spanning several hundred square meters. Temporary exhibits and museum pedagogy sessions will also be on offer.

The Museum of Transport will create a railway history exhibition in the building of the Budapest-Kelenföld Railway Station (Source: Museum of Transport / Építész Stúdió)

A railway-themed playground will be set up around the building, outdoor cinema screenings will be held on the terrace. The building will be expanded with a new balcony overlooking the railway, which will also serve as a lookout point. A steam locomotive, almost the same age as the station, will be displayed outside.

A steam locomotive will be displayed next to the building (Source: Museum of Transport / Építész Stúdió)

The building is one of the oldest station buildings in the country and was completed in 1884. It served its original function until recently but was closed in 2019. after it lost its usefulness when the underpass created for metro line 4 was built. MÁV thus moved out of the building, the condition of which began to deteriorate. As the area around the station is developing rapidly, there were fears the building may be demolished.

“The government approved the concept put forward by the Museum of Transport to save the building a year ago. As one of the busiest railway stations in the country, Kelenföld is an excellent place for an exhibition to present the 175-year history between Budapest and the railway and the challenges and opportunities ahead," the Director of the Museum, Dávid Vitézy, is quoted in the release.

Visual of Kelenföld Station seen from the platforms (Source: Museum of Transport / Építész Stúdió)

The Museum of Transport commissioned Építész Stúdió to prepare plans, which, in addition to respecting the historical character and function of the original building, will also supplement it with contemporary elements corresponding to its the new role.

Source: Website of the Museum of Science, Technology and Transport

Cover photo: Visual of Kelenföld Station (Source: Museum of Science, Technology and Transport / Építész Stúdió)