In February of this year, we reported that the park area next to the Bottomless Lake in Újbuda may bear the name of Mari Törőcsik, who died last year. Even at the end of 2021, the local council of Újbuda decided to pay tribute to the actress legend by naming a public area. Several venues emerged, so the issue was eventually put to vote with the involvement of locals. More than half of the respondents eventually supported the park around Bottomless Lake. The official namesake was held on Thursday, so the area is now called Törőcsik Mari Park.

Mari Törőcsik has been an honorary citizen of the district since 2016 (Photo:

Mari Törőcsik, who is awarded the titles of National Actress and Artist of the Nation, three-time Kossuth and two-time Jászai Mari Prize and Béla Balázs prize winning Actress, lived in Újbuda, Vincellér Street, for a long time, as we have written before. Based on her statements, the actress loved the area, including the Bottomless Lake area.

To close the naming ceremony, a tulip tree was planted in honor of the actress.

Cover photo: The park around the Bottomless Lake, which is now the park of Mari Törőcsik (Photo: Újbuda Facebook page)