The House of Hungarian Music received the Oscar for the real estate industry

Hungarian version of the article: Megkapta az ingatlanszakma Oscar-díját a Magyar Zene Háza

March 19, 2022 at 5:00 PM

The House of Hungarian Music won the main prize this year at the Cannes exhibition, also known as the "Real Estate Oscar". For the first time, the Hungarian development received the grand prize of the jury with the special building in the city park handed over at the end of January this year.

The Hungarian House of Music, built within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project, won the main prize at the real estate trade fair held in Cannes, France, according to a MTI announcement. For the first time in the thirty years of the MIPIM Awards, also known as the “Oscar of the Real Estate Profession”, Hungarian development received the main prize. At the exhibition showcasing the best real estate developments in the world, the international jury voted unanimously in favor of the Hungarian House of Music as a development worthy of the grand prize. Their rationale shows that in addition to the visitor experience, sustainability and aesthetics were also taken into account.

The House of Hungarian Music contains many unique solutions (photo: Both Balázs /

The building, designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, is not the first prestigious international recognition, as it has previously been honored in a number of other international forums. However, this grand prize stands out from the rest as it is not awarded every year. The main prize of the MIPIM Awards will only be awarded by a jury of international experts if one building far outperforms the others in the field - we can find out from the MTI announcement.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: The House of Hungarian Music in Városliget (photo: Both Balázs /

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