The vehicle fleet of BKV Zrt. Was enriched with two special, vintage trams - it can be read in the entry published on the community page of BKV Zrt. As they write, thanks to several years of research and preparatory work, a tram made in 1895 and a trailer made in 1910 were brought to Budapest. The Budapest Road Railway Company started operating the tram between the Nyugati railway station and Újpest in 1896, for which the “A” type tram was purchased from the Schlik factory in the capital. Later, the subtypes that were running at the time were standardized and technical changes were made to the trams, so from 1900 it was called the “N” type. Also in the Schlik factory in Budapest, the “M” type trailer was built in 1910 and ordered by the Budapest City Tram.

Both vehicles were brought from and around Miskolc, as both had similar fates (Photo: Facebook / BKV Zrt.)

Trams of type “N” were scrapped from the tracks of the capital from the 1940s to 1957, and then new life began in the transport companies of large rural cities. This is how the now-saved tram went to Miskolc, where it served between 1953 and 1964. After it was shut down, its electrical equipment, drive system and chassis equipment were dismantled and sold. The “M” type motor car was scrapped in Budapest in 1959, and then until 1977 it was also on the market in Miskolc. The special interest of the two trams is that while the “N” type tram became a weekend house on a plot in Miskolc, the “M” type motor car also became a weekend house in a settlement near Miskolc.

According to the plans, both vehicles will be restored (Photo: Facebook / BKV Zrt.)

As can be read in the entry on the community page of BKV Zrt., The ideological value of the “N” type of electricity is further enhanced by the fact that for a long time it seemed that no pieces from the series survived. The two trams were rescued in May by the BKV volunteer team and the Hungarian Tram History Association. Plans will be made to restore the two Methuselahs from the history of transport as well as possible.

Source: Facebook / BKV Zrt.

Cover photo: BKV Zrt.'s vehicle fleet has been expanded with two special, vintage trams (Photo: Facebook / BKV Zrt.)