The Zugliget lift will be open again from Saturday, and its one-month overhaul has been successfully completed by the deadline, BKV informed MTI on Thursday. During the twelve-year reconstruction, the steel structures of the track and the clamping heads of the transport chairs were inspected for cracks, the moving parts of the track were inspected, and the bearings in the structural elements were subjected to vibration diagnostics, they wrote.

The one-month overhaul of the Elevator was successfully completed by the deadline (Photo: Both Balázs /

They also painted the steel components, serviced the auxiliary drive, and inspected the electronic control as well as the rope guide rollers and rubber inserts. The structural elements of the brakes were inspected, the braking distances were measured under the most unfavorable load conditions, and the safety elements were inspected.

During the major overhaul, the communication system was completely overhauled, according to MTI. BKV said the overhaul took a month.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: The Zugliget Gondola restarts (Photo: Both Balázs /