The Reform-era Széchenyi Playground, designed with the involvement of the local people, was completed in Hollósy Simon Street in the 12th District as an investment by the Hegyvidéki Local Council and co-financed by the capital, which was jointly handed over by the Mayor of the District Zoltán Pokorni and Mayor of Budapest Gergely Karácsony, reported

It is also reported that the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle Tunnel, the Kisfaludy Steamboat and the train running with a steam locomotive that was put into operation in 1874 on the line of the Cogwheel Railway will also appear in the form of unique structures at the renovated Hollósy Simon Street playground.

The Kisfaludy Steamboat appears in the form of climbing equipment (Photo:

The past of Hegyvidék and the city is recalled by the unique games, as well as the tableaus, where parents can find pictures and descriptions of the era and QR codes directing them to online content.

On the tableaus visitors can read about the era, there are also pictures and QR codes directing them to online content (Photo:

The completely renovated Hollósy Simon Street playground, which retains its family-friendly atmosphere, was created primarily for the 2-10-year-old age group at the request of the residents. In addition to the special attractions that recall the outstanding architectural and industrial historical memories of the Reform era, the park has been enriched with many other popular play equipment. Four traditional swings and one nest swing, two bouncy horses, a large sand pit and a small rubber-covered motorcycle track await the children.

For the safety of the little ones, the possibility of passing through the playground has been removed. However, the ping-pong table and the camel statue remained. At the request of the families, a drinking fountain and a toilet were built, the public lighting was renewed, and a grassy area suitable for picnics became part of the square, reports

The green area in the park was also renewed, and shrubs and trees were planted (Photo:

They also add that approximately 1,500 square metres of green space have been renewed in the park. More than three thousand five hundred perennials, shrubs and eight trees were planted by the experts, in a way that the existing trees did not have to be cut down. The playground was freed from about four hundred square metres of concrete, which was replaced by vegetation and a shock-absorbing, water-permeable rubber covering around the playground equipment.


Cover photo: A Reform-era playground was built in the 12th District (Photo: