Regarding the renovation of the M3 subway, BKV announced that the handover procedures will begin within days at the Deák Ferenc Square and Ferenciek Square stations. The mechanical and electrical pieces of equipment are already operational, and the testing of the heat and smoke extraction systems has already been successfully completed.

Reconstruction works are taking place at four more locations, in the areas of Lehel Square, Nyugati Railway Station, Arany János Street, Nagyvárad Square stations, and the final touches are being done to the installation of the elevators in Dózsa György Road, it can be read on the BKV website.

The Dózsa György Road station (Photo: BKV)

The elevator leading to the surface at Erzsébet Square (Photo: BKV)

The information from the transport company also reveals that Nagyvárad Square and Lehel Square have played a key role in maintaining passenger traffic since the beginning of the reconstruction since trains turned here. The two stations were only closed in May this year, so they should take a year to renew. There are still many tasks to be solved in the operational areas, but the change can already be seen in the passenger spaces, the paving elements giving a hint of the future look of the stations.

Passenger traffic is expected to reopen at the Nyugati Railway Station and Arany János Street metro stations next March, and the renovation works are progressing according to schedule. The mechanical equipment – water mist extinguishers, heat and smoke extraction systems, and noise attenuators – has already been installed. The passenger areas are also slowly being improved.

At the Nyugati Railway Station, a few pieces of cladding are peeking out here and there, revealing that the Corvin District"s hyperspace travel is continuing at this station. The glass wall of the surface building of the Arany János Street station has a pattern reminiscent of a mosaic, and the roof is covered with a green surface of drought-tolerant plants, BKV announced.

The roof of the Arany János Street station's surface building is covered with a green area (Photo: BKV)

The left track has already been renewed, and trains travelling northbound will reach BKV Zrt. Kőér Street vehicle depot. On the right track, a further 3.5 km of track modernisation is still in progress.

The connecting corridor leading to metro line 2 at Deák Square (Photo: BKV)

On the southern section, the metro currently runs between Kőbánya-Kispest and Kálvin Square. However, to serve passenger traffic, the trains have to turn around at Deák Square.

Source: BKV Zrt.

Cover photo: The connecting corridor leading to metro line 2 on Deák Square (Photo: BKV)