The Hungarian National Bank has issued silver collector coins with a face value of 15,000 HUF and non-ferrous metal ones with a face value of 3,000 HUF with the name National Anthem on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the writing of the poem that forms the basis of Hungary's national anthem. This year's collector coin issue program of the central bank started with collector coins designed by sculptor Tamás Soltra E., reports MTI.

At the 23 January event held at the Petőfi Literary Museum (PLM), Szilárd Demeter, the director of the institution, reminded people that: the collector coin highlights the importance of the fact that Hungary does not have another national anthem, the National Anthem written two hundred years ago and which has since become part of the Hungarian national spirit is not interchangeable even though they tried to change it in the Rákosi system. For the next two hundred years, Hungarians will be able to turn to God with this prayer on every festive occasion and in every uncertain situation - added Demeter Szilárd.

Non-ferrous metal collector coin made for the 200th anniversary of the writing of the National Anthem (Source: HNB)

Eszter Hergár, director of social relations at the Hungarian National Bank, said: for many decades, the central bank has considered it important to take on the cultural mission of preserving values, raising awareness and spreading knowledge, which is why the HNB has been issuing collector coins since 1968 to commemorate the country's outstanding cultural, historical and scientific anniversaries.

Collector coins of the same diameter, commemorating the bicentenary of the writing of the National Anthem, have the same image, only their denomination differs. In addition to their raw material, the value of collector coins is further increased by the low number of issued copies. A total of 5,000 pieces of the silver version and 6,000 pieces of the non-ferrous metal version can be produced, Eszter Hergár pointed out.

The obverse of the collector coins shows a half-length portrait of Ferenc Kölcsey, stepping forward from the divided background of the obverse. The poet's surname can be read hidden in the poet's clothing. Under the representation, a contemporary pen indicates the authorship of Ferenc Kölcsey. In the two lines below the portrait, the inscription "Hymnus" according to the writing style of the original manuscript, as well as the year "1823" indicating the year of creation of the work, can be read.

Image of the obverse of the collector coin (Source: HNB)

The obverse also contains the obligatory elements of the collector coins: to the right of the portrait, vertically, the inscription "MAGYARORSZÁG" indicates the issuer. In the lower third of the obverse, on the far left, in two lines, the mintage year "2023" refers to the time of issue, as well as "BP." mintmark for the place of manufacture; on the far right, the values "15000" and "3000" and the inscription "FORINT" display the face value of the collector coins.

On the reverse side of the collector coins, a circular panorama-like representation of pictorial elements referring to the text of the National Anthem and the iconic landscape of Hungary can be seen. Referring to the sacred nature of the poem, rays are projected in three directions from the central triangle symbolising the Holy Trinity onto the landscape. Around the triangle, in a circle, according to the writing style of the original manuscript, the inscription "NYÚJTS FELÉJE VÉDŐ KART HA KÜZD ELLENSÉGGEL" can be read.

Image of the back of the collector coin (Source: HNB)

In the panorama, Ferenc Kölcsey's grave in Szatmárcseke can be seen, and among the pictorial elements representing some of the landscapes of Hungary, Tihany, Lake Balaton, Szigliget, Esztergom, the Danube Bend, Eger and Tokaj also stand out. The master's mark of the sculptor and medal artist Tamás Soltra E., who designed the collector coin, is hidden in the representation of Tokaj.

To promote the role of collector coins as a means of conveying value and attracting attention as widely as possible, the silver collector coin of the National Anthem can be purchased at face value for three months and the non-ferrous version for one year after the issue, depending on the available stock, from Monday in the coin shop and online store of Hungarian Mint Ltd., the manufacturer and distributor of the coins.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: Silver collector coin issued for the 200th anniversary of the writing of the National Anthem (Source: HNB)