The shrine of the Virgin Mary in Békásmegyer-ófalu was rebuilt

Hungarian version of the article: Újraépítették a békásmegyer-ófalui Szűz Mária-kegyhelyet

October 20, 2021 at 2:00 PM

The shrine of the Virgin Mary, built in the 18th century and later demolished in Békásmegyer-ófalu, has now been rebuilt on the initiative of the local traditional association.

The shrine of the Virgin Mary on Óbor Street, which was blessed by the parish governor András Szili, was rebuilt on the initiative of the Krottendorf German Tradition Association, thanks to the support of the local council, writes

The environment of the chapel (Photo:

The original of the Chapel of the Virgin Mary (shrine) was demolished in the 1980s (Photo:

As they write, unfortunately, neither written nor pictorial material has survived about the predecessor of the former Shrine of the Virgin Mary in Óbor Street, 3rd district. The origin of most of the sacred relics in Békásmegyer can be traced back to the German-speaking Swabian population settled in the 1740s.

The care of the shrine continued even after the Swabians were deported. The capital widened and paved Óbor Street leading to the Tamás Street Cemetery in the 1980s, when the chapel was demolished.

However, the community of believers from Békásmegyer preserved the chapel in their memory, so the shrine on Óbor Street could be rebuilt by recalling these memories.


Cover photo: The Chapel of the Virgin Mary in Békásmegyer-Ófalu was rebuilt (Photo:

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