Parks around Rákos Stream in Zugló to be renovated

Hungarian version of the article: Őszre teljesen megújul a Rákos-patak zuglói szakasza

April 3, 2021 at 4:00 PM

The banks of Rákos Stream in the 14th District will be transformed into a park in three stages. Work is already underway, and the first 400-metre section between Egressy Road and Bartl János Street has already been opened. The entire project will be completed by the autumn. Plenty of trees and shrubs will be planted in the new areas, and plenty of benches will be installed, on sun terraces, alongside playgrounds, drinking fountains. Public lighting will be solar-powered.

The first renovated section of the Rákos Stream has already been opened. A small barrage, stairs providing seating are also being built in the revitalised areas.


 Benches, sun terraces, rest areas, and playgrounds are being built (Photo:

The project is being realised in three phases: the first, the 400-metre section between Bartl János Stree and Egressy Road, has already been completed. The second phase, between Mogyoródi Road and Egressy Road, will follow being financed by Budapest's TÉR_KÖZ tender. The final phase will create a park along the section between Bartl János Street and Szugló Street. The entire project will cost 1 billion HUF.

Beyond restoring the almost natural state of the stream's banks, benches, sun terraces, and playgrounds will be installed. Public lighting will be solar-powered.

The project is expected to be completed by autumn (Photo:

Thousands of plants and shrubs are to be placed on the shoreline (Photo:

Thousands of plants and shrubs are being planted, and rest areas are being created. The development will create sections where the water will be easy to access, while a rest stop for cyclists will be added near Mogyoródi Road.

The project should be completed by the autumn.


Cover photo: The surroundings of the Rákos stream in Zugló are being renovated (Photo:

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