House of Hungarian Music wins international prize

Hungarian version of the article: Újabb nemzetközi díjat nyert el a Magyar Zene Háza

September 25, 2020 at 5:00 PM

The House of Hungarian Music has been named the best musical real estate development project in the world at the Music cities Awards in the United States. The building is now structurally complete, and the most spectacular parts of its construction are nearing finalisation.

The panel of the music Cities Awards selected the House of Hungarian Music and two building in the US as finalists of the Best User of Music in Property/Real Estate category. The Budapest development project won the awards on Wednesday evening – announced Városliget Zrt. on Thursday – reports the MTI.

The House of Music is structurally complete (Photo: Városliget Zrt.)

Benedek Gyorgyevics emphasised that the prestigious award was given not only to the environmentally friendly building designed by the internationally respected Japanese architect Fujimoto Szou and his Hungarian partners, M-Teampannon, but also to the professional program of the Hungarian House of Music, developed by a working group lead by András Batta over several years.

Mr Gyorgyevics added that Music Cities is an event series created by some of the most influential international stakeholders in music with a history of more than a decade: the initiative aims to support the economic, societal and cultural growth of cities through music.

The Hungarian House of Music hs been named the best music real estate development in the world at the Music Cities Awards (Photo: Zoltán Balogh/MTI)

This year, for the first time, the organisation awarded the best musical initiatives globally in nine categories. The panel of ten internationally respected professionals examined the plans of the project, its quality, its level of innovation, its unique qualities and its commitment to sustainability.

Benedek Gyorgyevics stressed that the House of Hungarian Music is being built on the site of the former, ruined Hungexpo office buildings within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project, the largest current cultural city development in the Western world.

However, this awards is not the first to be won by developments of the Liget Budapest Projekt. The constructions efforts secured accolades in 2017, 2018, 2019 at the International Property Awards, the MIPIM expo, while the renovation of the Museum of Fine Arts was recently awarded the Europa Nostra Prize – added the CEO.

Rendered visual of the design (Photo: Városliget Zrt.)

András Batta, Director of the Hungarian House of Music, emphasised that the Music Cities Award was a huge recognition for both the designers and the content creators of the Hungarian House of Music.

He highlighted that the international panel had not only looked at the real estate development but how the buildings enable music to play a new role in the social life of cities.

Music pedagogy is an important part of the House of Hungarian Music, rendered visual (Photo: Városliget Zrt.)

The architects of the House fo Hungarian Music worked with a similar mindset: exhibitions, concerts and music pedagogy were all considered, alongside the aesthetic value of the building. As a result, the House of Hungarian Music will serve as a venue to a wide range of social groups, including professionals, families, schools and amateur musicians. 

Benedek Gyorgyevics told the MTI that the building was no structurally complete, and the most spectacular phases of construction are drawing to a close. The at times thirteen-metre-high glass panes of the façade and the roof with unique lighting solutions have been completed.

Interior development work and exhibition construction will be carried out throughout the coming year, and the building will be opened to the public before the end of 2021.

Source: MTI

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