Over 500 artefacts and mementos from Metro M3 transferred to Museum of Transport

Hungarian version of the article: Ötszáztíz műtárgy került a 3-as metróból a Közlekedési Múzeum gyűjteményébe

November 15, 2020 at 9:00 AM

A total of 510 artefacts, items and mementoes of the M3 metro line have been transferred to the collection of the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport, including well-remembered wall-coverings, information boards and yellow benches. The letter-mosaic found in the station on Deák Square will remain in its original location.

The press release highlights that the renovation of the central section of the M3 metro line, between Lehel Square and Nagyvárad Square stations, began on 7 November – writes the MTI. Similarly to the process completed during the renovation of the other two sections, specialists from the Museum collected several valuable items, decorations and other symbolic items in cooperation with BKV.

Museologists from the institution have been working with BKV to collect items of importance and value based on professional standards. These include the iconic orange and yellow benches, passenger information boards, maps, wall coverings, metal ornaments and even mechanical items.

The Deák tér sign will also be moved to the museum (Photo: Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport)​

Former passenger information board (Photo: Hungarian Museum of Science Technology and Transport)

Last week experts from the museum visited the closed stations at Kálvin Square, Deák Square and Nyugati Railway Station to select the items to be added to the museum's collection.

A total of 510 artefacts have been added to the collection throughout the renovation: 232 from the section between Lehel Square and Újpest-központ; 128 from between Kőbánya-Kispest and Népliget; 63 from Ferenciek Square and Arany János street, 46 from Semmelweis-Klinikák and Corvin Quarter; and 41 from Deák Ferenc Square, Kálvin Square and Nyugati Railway Station.

The letter mosaic at the station on Deák Ferenc Square will remain in place (Photo: Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport)

The museum added that the iconic wall art by the Portuguese artist, Joao Rodrigues Vieira, in which the Hungarian translations of Portuguese poems and the Portuguese translations of Hungarian poems can be found, will remain in its original place after being professionally cleaned.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: 510 artefacts added to the transport Museum's collection from M3 metro (Photo: Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport)

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