Ruins opened on Szent György Square in Buda Castle

Hungarian version of the article: Eddig elzárt rommező újult meg a budavári Szent György téren

January 5, 2021 at 10:00 AM

A section of the previously closed ruins of what was once the royal stables have been opened to visitors in Buda Castle. The green areas and flowerbeds, and paving of Szent György Square has also been renewed.

Parts of the ruins of the Royal Stables, which were destroyed after World War II, have been opened to the public, the NAtional Hauszman Program has announced on Facebook.

The ruins of the Royal Stables have been opened (Photo: National Hauszmann Project)

The area has new pavement, flowerbeds, decorative lighting and a drinking fountain. The new benches were made of stones and oak beams found on the site (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

The previously neglected and fenced-off area has been returned to public use. The ruins beside Szent György Square have been given new pavements, flowerbeds, decorative lighting and a drinking fountain. Stones and oak beams found on the site were used to make benches for the area. More of these can be found on the other side of Szent György Street, in the immediate vicinity of the Royal Palace under the trees.

Some of the new benches made can be found on the far side of Szent György Street, next to the Royal Palace and offer a rest under the trees (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

The greens and flower beds of the square were also revitalised (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

Walking paths on and around Szent György Square were also renovated, and dangerous paving stones repaired (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

The post also highlights that the walkways and pavements of the Square have been renewed. The fence surrounding the ruins of Archduke Joseph's Palace, which will be rebuilt in the coming years, has been replaced with a new fence made of large wooden planks. The green surfaces and flowerbeds on the square have also been revitalised. “The renewed Royal Palace in Buda Castle will be with a long walk in 2021!" stated the National Hauszann Program.

Cover photo: Fenced-off ruins opened to the public on Szent György Square (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

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