Plans to restore Habsburg Gate and Turul statue in Buda Castle announced

Hungarian version of the article: Felújítják a Habsburg-kaput és restaurálják a Turul-szobrot a budai Várban

December 16, 2020 at 2:00 PM

Renovation of the Royal Palace's neo-baroque style gate in Buda Castle and the surrounding castle walls will begin soon. The Turul statue in the are will also be restored.

The renovation of the neo-baroque style gate to the Royal Palace in the Buda Castle, the Habsburg Gate and the surrounding castle walls is set to begin soon – reads a post on the social media page of the National Hauszmann Program.

After scaffolding is erected along the section of the wall, the wrought iron elements of the gate will be moved to a restoration workshop. Missing elements of the gates and candelabras will be replaced, corrosion repaired, and the wrought iron elements re-polished and painted to avoid further rusting.

The neo-baroque style decorative gate is being restored (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

The Turul statue, created by the sculptor Gyula Donáth in the early 1900s, will be restored. Specialists will carry out the necessary work on the Savoy terrace. The pedestal of the statue and the Habsburg Gate's stone elements will be cleaned, renovated, and cracks repaired.

The pedestal of the Turul statue will also be renovated and cleaned (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

The surrounding, dilapidated castle walls are to be reinforced. In preparation for this wall, research and excavations will be carried out along the retaining wall. A temporary walkway will be constructed for the duration of the renovation, but the Savoy terrace will remain easily accessible.

View from the Castle (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

Once work has been completed, the Habsburg Gate and the Turul Statue will be restored to their original locations in renewed beauty.

Source: Facebook page of the National Hauszmann Program

Cover photo: Renovation of the Habsburg Gate and restoration of the Turul statue in the Buda Castle (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

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