The modernization of the Csömöri Road overpass is planned to be completed this year – the Budapest Transport Center (BKK) has informed the MTI. The renovation of the overpass connecting Csömöri Road in Zugló and Drégelyvár Street in Rákospalota is in full swing. The contractor is expected to install the steel supports by the end of May, repair the damaged concrete structures by mid-summer, and return the bridge to traffic by the end of the year.

BKK noted that the bridge connects the 14th and 15th Districts. In November 2019, the organisation entered into a contract with Colas Közlekedésépítő Zrt. for the renovation of the road bridge over the MÁV railway tracks. The contractor began renovating the bridge in April 2020, but when concrete coverings were removed, it became apparent that the poor condition of the reinforced concrete structure would not support the planned renovations, and not all bridge girders were supported properly.

BKK decided to close half of the bridge immediately while maintaining access for public transport but diverting other road users. Later, an independent expert examined the condition of the overpass, and the elements of the renovation were changes based on the results.

The surfaces of the damaged concrete structures will be restored by the middle of summer, and traffic will return to the bridge by the end of December (Photo:

BKK has paid great attention to balancing the costs and risks and the efficient use of public funds, and returning the bridge to traffic as soon as possible. Therefore, the critical substructures were reinforced with heavy steel scaffolding.

The announcement notes that the renovation price changed from 778 million HUF to 999.8 million HUF net. They added that the Budapest City Council provided extra funding for the project, allowing work to resume this spring. There is currently no known circumstance that would justify the complete closure of the bridge. Buses can use the open side of the bridge safely.

However, the half-closure is expected to remain in effect until the start of the technical acceptance procedure, scheduled for 3 December 2021. The renovation will ensure the safe use of the bridge for another fifteen years. Accordingly, planning for a new bridge or underpass should begin in ten years.

Source: MTI | Abridged in translation

Opening picture: Csömöri Road overpass to be completed this year (Photo: