Visitor centre planned for Jókai kert – Steindl Villa to host exhibitions

Hungarian version of the article: Látogatóközpont is épül a Jókai-kertben - A megújuló Steindl-villába kiállításokat terveznek

April 21, 2021 at 4:00 PM

The Jókai Garden and the Steindl Villa on Sváb Hill are to be renovated. The investment is planned to be completed by 2022, and the developers hope that Budapest will be enriched with a popular resting place.

According to András Füri, CEO of the Duna-Ipoly National Park, the development of Jókai Garden aims to create a leisure area popular among adults and students. The plans for the work and permitting procedures have been completed. A public procurement process for construction is expected to be launched in May.

During the renovation, natural science exhibitions and lecture halls will be set up in the halls of the Steindl Villa. As part of the visitor centre, a reception hall, an event terrace and veranda, and associated service rooms will be built.

The Steindl Villa in the Jókai Garden, which is currently a hazardous building, is being renovated (Photo:

The Jókai Garden, which is a protected historical garden, will be reborn at 21 Költő Street. Preserving its historic character, the area is being developed. Birdbaths will be installed, and birdwatching spaces created. 


 The protected orchard once owned by Jókai is being restored (Photo:

New park furniture will serve the comfort of the visitors. The wooden buildings nearby are being torn down, a car park and roofed bicycle storage will be added.

The lion bench, where Mór Jókai wrote (Photo: Zsófia Viczián /

The Hungarian State and the EU are funding the development. Work will be completed by 2022.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: The Jókai Garden in the 12th District (Photo: Viczián Zsófia/

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