Unknown Roman cemetery found in Nagytétény, near the former Campona fortress

Hungarian version of the article: Eddig ismeretlen római temetőt találtak Nagytétényben, az egykori Campona erőd közelében

June 18, 2021 at 4:00 PM

The Campona Fortress included a recently excavated Roman cemetery, which archaeologists found in Nagytétény during the preparation of a development project. The staff of the Budapest History Museum identified almost sixty graves; coins, pots, vials, and a ceramic candle were also found.

A detail of a previously unknown Roman cemetery was excavated by the staff of the Budapest History Museum next to Nagytétényi Road, near the former Campona fortress, the archaeological portal regeszet.aquincum.hu reports. During the excavation, experts identified nearly sixty graves. Coins, pots, vials and a ceramic lamp were also unearthed during the excavation. 

 Archaeological finds from the newly discovered Roman cemetery (Source: regeszet.aquincum.hu)

Although the cemetery was unknown until now, the experts were not surprised by the discovery, as today's Nagytétényi Road was already used in Roman times. In the period, tomb gardens were established along the roads running near such a settlement. 

The report notes that Campona’s first military camp was perhaps established at the end of the 1st century for an auxiliary team of cavalry-archers.  At the turn of the 2nd and 3rd centuries, a fortress with a regular square floor plan, surrounded by stone walls, was built with a size of 178 times 200 meters. It was rebuilt in the 3rd century, and signs of 4th-century repairs can also be found. The last stones of the fortress, which could be seen on the surface, were removed from the area in the 19th century.

Following the existence of the Roman castellum and the associated settlement, the excavated cemetery believed to have been in use from the 2nd to 4th century. The first identified burials were all cremated. Full-body burials were more common in the 4th century.

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Source: regeszet.aquincum.hu

Cover photo: Roman cemetery found in Nagytétény, near the former Campona fortress (Source: regeszet.aquincum.hu)


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