According to the document of the Pest County Government Office dated 19 November 2021, Gellérthegyi Sikló Kft. Receives an environmental permit for the establishment and operation of the Gellért Hill cable car. Parts covered by the permit: the reception area with the reception building, the underpass and the lower station, the cable car, the tunnel and Orom street exit, the upper station.

The permit emphasizes that in the case of the upper station, the basic architectural, silhouette and World Heritage protection requirement is that the glider cabin should arrive under the Citadel promenade. The current control plan will allow a maximum of 150 square meters of built-in space on the Citadel promenade to be connected to the gliding function.

According to the environmental permit, the planned fellings and replacements in the area can be carried out with final permits and a felling plan (Photo: Facebook / Dávid Vitézy) 

It is also emphasized that only parts of the building related to the function of a transport facility may be erected at the upper station. The use of colors and materials in the building and the lookout ramp should match the colors and materials of the landscape as much as possible.

The documentation also covers nature conservation regulations. In order to protect the protected animals, felling and shrubbery in the protected natural area are possible only outside the growing season, between 15 August and 15 March. With regard to felling, it is mentioned that felling and tree replacements can be carried out with final permits and a felling plan. If traces of a cave are found during the work, the nature conservation authority must be notified immediately if the work is stopped. Once construction is complete, the devastated areas will need to be rehabilitated.

The upper terminus of the cable car is planned to be close to the Citadel (Photo: Both Balázs /

The cable car would start on the surface from Döbrentei square, in front of the Rác bath, it would enter it into a tunnel in front of Hegyalja út, and later it would rise to the surface.

According to the published drawing, the tunnel section would make up about a third of the glider's path. The upper terminus would be near the Citadel. The ride will take 2-3 minutes, during which time you can get from the Tabán to the Citadel, the Statue of Liberty. Once completed, the tourist buses to Gellért Hill would be completely eliminated.

Cover photo: The funicular will go underground to Orom Street, and on the surface it will continue to the Citadel (Photo: Gellérthegyi Sikló Kft.)