The country's Christmas tree was erected in front of the House of Parliament

Hungarian version of the article: Felállították az ország karácsonyfáját az Országház előtt

November 21, 2022 at 8:00 PM

The country's Christmas tree has arrived in Budapest and decorates Kossuth Square in front of the Parliament from Advent to Epiphany. The 18-metre-tall pine, weighing more than 6 tons, was transported from Apc in Heves County to the capital.

The 18-metre-tall, 70-centimetre trunk diameter, 6-8 ton silver pine arrived on Monday at Kossuth Square, which until now decorated the garden of a family home in Apc, Heves County, MTI announced based on information from the Office of the Hungarian National Assembly.

The pine tree arrived at Kossuth Square with the help of experts from disaster management, the Defence Forces and the police. The pine tree was erected on 21 November 2022.

During the renovation of Kossuth Square, the designers had already taken into account the location of the tree, so a permanent socket sunk into the ground was placed on the southwest side, which can hold the huge tree securely even in strong winds with the strap connectors.

Firefighters place the country's Christmas tree with a crane on Kossuth Lajos Square in front of the Parliament (Photo: MTI/Péter Lakatos)

The pine tree will be decorated with a 130-centimetre-high, 103-centimetre-wide, 36-centimetre-deep, three-dimensional, 25-kilogram, eight-pointed star-shaped top decoration with warm white and energy-saving LED light. In addition, 2,500 running metres of string lights, including 16,000 energy-saving coloured LED bulbs, will decorate the Christmas tree.

This year, the Bethlehem of the nation – as the creators named it – comes from Kisgyőr, consisting of human-sized wooden figures.

The country's Christmas tree decorates Kossuth Square from Advent to Epiphany Day, and after it is dismantled, the wood is offered as firewood to those in need by the Office of the Hungarian National Assembly, reports MTI.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: The country's Christmas tree was erected in front of the Parliament on 21 November 2022 (Photo: MTI/Péter Lakatos)

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