A call has been issued for the renovation of the former station building in Kelenföld

Hungarian version of the article: Megjelent a felhívás Kelenföld egykori állomásépületének megújítására

October 27, 2021 at 2:00 PM

The tender for the renovation of the station building of the Kelenföld railway station has been announced, the construction works may start next year. The Transport Museum will create a railway history exhibition space and field table in the house, but a new community space and a café are also planned.

The call for the rescue of the Kelenföld Indóház and the complete renovation of the building was published in the Public Procurement Bulletin on 27 October , the Museum of Public Affairs writes in its announcement.

As they write, this brought the Museum of Public Transport one step closer to rescuing Kelenföld’s former station building. The institution is planning an exhibition focusing on railway history and a field table in the house, but there will also be a new community space and a café-restaurant.

There will be a steam locomotive in the open air next to the building (Source: Transport Museum / Architect Studio)

The Museum of Transport has been working on redesigning and renovating the building for a year and a half. The licensed plans were prepared by the institution with the assistance of the Architect Studio, the building permits are also available, the concept plan of the exhibition planned for the Kelenföld Indóház has also been prepared, a separate public procurement procedure is expected to be announced soon. The tender for the construction works was announced by the Investment Agency in accordance with the relevant legislation - the museum's announcement states.

The Museum of Transport creates a railway history exhibition in the Kelenföld house (Source: Museum of Transport / Architect Studio)

A decree issued by the Government on 8 February classified the rescue of the Kelenföld Indóház as a priority investment. In its resolution of 8 July, the Budapest Metropolitan Government Office issued the building permit for the renovation of the building. The preparation was supported by HUF 100 million from the government and HUF 20 million by the local council of Újbuda.

The main attraction of the transport museum's railway history-themed exhibition space to be installed in the 137-year-old booth house of the Kelenföld railway station will be a field table with an area of several hundred square meters. The building of the Kelenföld Indóház, which is under monument protection, will be saved from decay by the investment. Work could start next year if the procurement process is successful.

Source: Museum of Transport

Cover photo: Visual design of the Kelenföld house (Source: Transport Museum / Architect Studio)

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