2020. december 18. 14:00
One of the most versatile architects of the interwar years in Hungary Aladrás Münnich designed villas, residential buildings, bank buildings, are large-scale urban planning projects. He was also a popular expert writer. But he is best known for his massive industrial project, both at home and abroad.
2020. december 18. 09:00
The renovation of the 8,200-square-metre roof of Nyugati, or Western Railway Station has reached its second major milestone. The spire of the tower near track 13 has been raised into place. In the meantime, the installation of new planes of glass into the roof and the renovation of its supporting structure are also in progress.
2020. december 17. 16:00
In a recent interview the Minister of Finance stated that after renovation, the former building of the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology (OPNI) would house an institution providing higher education in diplomatic and economic training fields. Thus, contrary to earlier reports that the government does not plan to establish a boarding school in the 39,000 -square-metre building complex, which stands in a 41-hectare park.
2020. december 17. 14:00
The National Assembly has passed a bill to list Királydomb as a national memorial site. In present-day Kőbánya near the Rákos Stream, the area was the traditional meeting place of the national diets in the Kingdom of Hungary.
2020. december 17. 10:00
A petition for the protection of Kiserdő, along Határ Road, was recently taken to the Mayor of Budapest by local NGOs. The petition protests the planned access road leading to Galvani Bridge on the Pest bank of the river.
2020. december 16. 17:00
The residence of the former leader of the anti-clerical one-party state, János Kádár, is to be used by persecuted Christians. Today, the Prime Minister handed over the villa's keys in the 2nd District to Ignatius Aphrem II, Syrian Orthodox Patriarch.
2020. december 16. 14:00
Renovation of the Royal Palace's neo-baroque style gate in Buda Castle and the surrounding castle walls will begin soon. The Turul statue in the are will also be restored.
2020. december 16. 11:00
The Budapest City Council is preparing plans for the renovation of the public park known as Népliget and the protection of its natural values. Anyone who visits the park has been invited to share input into the design phase.
2020. december 15. 14:00
Relocation of artefacts and works of art is already underway. The construction of the modern restoration workshops has been completed, and work has begun in the newly established National Restoration and Museum Storage Centre, in which more than three hundred thousand artefacts will be preserved.
2020. december 15. 09:00
The Óbuda Synagogue is one of the most important historical monuments of the 3rd District and is extremely valuable within Budapest as a whole as well. Nevertheless, it is less well known than its stunning counterparts in Pest, the Dohány Street and Kazinczy Street Synagogues, despite being an immense example of not only synagogue architecture, but also of Hungarian classicist architecture.
2020. december 14. 14:00
Building permits have been issued for the new buildings of the University of Physical Education. The development will include an indoor swimming pool, an athletics hall, halls of residence for four hundred students, and a sports field on its roof. The Hauszmann historical garden will also be rebuilt and opened to the public.
2020. december 13. 15:00
Following a recently passed law the building that once housed the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology (OPNI) will be renovated, after standing empty for 13 years. The gardens of the property will also be revitalised, the Minister of Finance announced on Saturday.
2020. december 12. 18:00
Elegant and spectacular villa buildings line Andrássy Avenue, one of them is the Bulyovszky Villa. The villa was built as a summer house for the famed actress Bulyovszky née Lilla Szilágyi and designed by the young Sándor Fellner. Standing on the corner of Rippl-Rónai Street, the building recently reemerged into the spotlight. The 55% share of the property'S ownership rights, held by the Hungarian Women's Association was put up for auction. The process was suspended in early December, and the Hungarian Women's Association sold its share. The ill-fated villa has thus entered new ownership. Making this the best moment to dive into its past.
2020. december 11. 15:00
Plans to create a five-year, international boarding secondary school in the building that once housed the National National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in the 2nd District have been slated. The building will remain state-owned. The building on Hűvösvölgyi út was built as a mental asylum in 1868 and was closed in 2007. It has been empty since.
2020. december 10. 19:00
The renovated and expanded Community Centre for Bulgarians in Hungary has be opened to the public on Vágóhíd Street in the 9th District. The construction of a new Bulgarian educational and cultural centre on the empty plot next to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church of St. Cyril and Methodius on the far side of the street was announced at the ceremony. The centre will stand opposite the Community Centre and be built with 2.6 Billion HUF funding from the Hungarian Government.
2020. december 10. 14:00
A small plaza can be found at the junction of Ferenc Boulevard and Üllői Road. It was named in 1996. It is known as Angyal István Park. There is no inscription to indicate this despite a statue of a paper aeroplane being erected in 2014, and most passers-by do not know that the city honoured one of the heroes of the 1956 revolution, the leader of the Tűzoltó Street insurgents, with the square 24 years ago. And perhaps even fewer know that before 1956 the square did not even exist, but was covered by three residential buildings standing side by side.
2020. december 10. 09:00
The construction of the Budapest Athletics Stadium has begun started in the 9th District. The explosive demolition of Vituki tower block is set to begin the project. The rehabilitation of the former industrial zone and the nearby riverbank will create new open sports and recreation park for the public in the area bordered by Rákóczi Bridge, the Csepel suburban railway line, the northern part of Csepel Island and the Danube.
2020. december 9. 10:00
The Budapest Transport Centre has begun preparations for the construction of a new bridge which would connect Aquincum in Óbuda with Újpest.
2020. december 8. 11:00
The first Hungarian Olympic Champion, Alfréd Hajós was also the man to design the National Swimming Pool, the temple of Hungarian water sports. Standing on Margit island the structure is not only central to sporting life in the country but remains a masterpiece of 20th-century Hungarian archictecture.
2020. december 7. 17:00
The unique projectiles were found during recent earthworks in Csörsz Street in the 12th District in Buda. Explosives experts found almost 80 different devices which are presumed to have originated from a World War II artillery position.
2020. december 7. 13:00
The parking garage on Dózsa György Road has been opened to the. public. The new three-storey parking garage can fit 800 vehicles. Named Múzeum Parking Garage the structure also contains bike stands. and a shower. A 12,000 square metre park and promenade have been created on top of the new building.
2020. december 7. 10:00
Life today is unimaginable without a phone, yet not so long ago people could wait decades for a connection to be brought to their flat. Those who had landlines could consider themselves privilege, and those selling flats with one could ask a higher price. Thirty years ago, a new telephone exchange in Csepel with 18,000 lines was a huge step forward. Nevertheless, it seemed that it would only be possible to connect half of the flats in the city with phone lines by 2000.
2020. december 5. 09:00
The construction of metro line 3 was a massive undertaking. After 20 years, it is still not fully completed, while its existing sections have been under constant renovation for years. Its last phase was opened 30 years ago, in December 1990.
2020. december 4. 18:00
The Kaptató Promenade sports and leisure park has opened in Gazdagrét in the 11th District. The park features a larger green area, an outdoor workout area, a dog park and a chess table.
2020. december 4. 15:00
One hundred and fifty years ago, a gymnasium was built in Budapest, a building that still stands on Szentkirályi Street. However, it is not quite like modern sports halls. From the outside, it looks just another palace. Only a small plaque reminds passers-by that it was once built as the National gymnasium in 1870 following the Austro-Hungarian compromise, during Gyula Andrássy's term as Prime Minister. This is what a gymnasium was like at the time: it looked like a palace and housed not only three halls and dressing rooms, but space for the community to live its life. While the rooms are now used for university education, the sports halls still serve their original function.
2020. december 4. 10:00
Millennium House has received prestigious recognition at the Hungarian Real Estate Development Awards. The renovated cultural institution – one of the oldest buildings in City Park was named best development in the culture category of the awards.
2020. december 3. 17:30
The Hungarian National Bank has issued a silver commemorative coin with a face value of HUF 10,000 and a non-ferrous metal coin with a face value of HUF 2,000 on the 125th birthday of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.
2020. december 3. 11:00
The Budapest Government Office is to restart the procedures pertaining to the homeless shelter. The decision opens up the possibility for a temporary crisis shelter to be created in City Hall.
2020. december 2. 14:00
Renovated botanical garden, a new dog park, and the two-kilometre-long, illuminated running track have been opened in City Park. With this, more than 150,000 square metres of green space has been revitalized during the development of the park.
2020. december 2. 10:00
Over the last few days, a number of articles have surfaced regarding the two companies that remain in competition to provide the new trains for the suburban railway lines. The new vehicles are much needed, as most of the current trains were bought in the 1970s. The oldest of them has been in use on the Csepel line for 55 years.

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