One of the most popular Hungarian writers of all time, the best-known cultivator of “forest-hunter” literature, was István Fekete, was born 120 years ago and died 50 years ago. To commemorate this double anniversary,  Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. initiated the construction of a trail to honour the writer on Kis-Hárs Hill. The Ministry of Agriculture and the Örökerdő Foundation supported the initiative, writes

“Pilisi Parkerdő has always aimed to complete developments that enhance the opportunities for natural recreation in the forests it manages. These include the creation of the István Fekete educational trail, which can also be considered a Christmas present for hikers living in Budapest and its surroundings, as the trail serving public education and natural recreation in a safe setting during the pandemic was opened a few days before Christmas;" writes the company website.

The István Fekete botanical educational trail stretches from Széher Road in the 2nd District to the Hárs Hill saddle. (Photo:

As they write, István Fekete is one of Hungary's best-known and most prolific writers, who devoted almost his entire life to nature. His books Tüskevár (Thorn Castle) and Téli berek (Winter Grove), as well as his popular animal novels – Bogáncs (Thistle), Kele, the Stork; Vuk, the little fox – are considered must-reads for all lovers of nature. However, his oeuvre extends beyond youth literature, his works for adults – Zsellérek (Cottars); Emberek között (Amongst People); Barangolások (Wandering) – are also significant.

Beyond his novels, his prestigious oeuvre includes short stories, novellas, poems, screenplays and educational films. Pilisi Parkerdő aimed to pay tribute to this rich oeuvre, and with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Örökerdő Foundation, has established the István Fekete Educational Trail, which begins at the former home, 77 Tárogató Road in the 2nd District – details

Visitors will also learn interesting facts about the writer's life and work (Photo:

The nearly 800-metre-long educational trail is part of the most popular trail network of Hárs Hill, is well-equipped, and not steep. The five interactive information boards placed on the route also bear QR codes, so those with smartphones can learn even more about the writer's life and work and the natural treasures and wildlife of the area.


 The interactive information boards placed on the route also bear QR codes (Photo:

At the end of the trail, visitor can follow the yellow triangle trail marking to the Makovecz lookout tower on Kis-Hárs Hill, and the yellow horizontal line marking to the Károly Kaán lookout tower on Nagy-Hárs Hill.

Pilisi Parkerdő also ensured that those who would want to but cannot visit the trail in person could experience the path online by visiting


Cover photo: István Fekete educational trail opens on Kis-Hárs Hill (Photo: