Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. is launching the urban forest development programme as part of its nature conservation initiative. The effort is being funded by the company, the Kőbánya local council and private companies.

The announcement states that the reforestation and development programme has been launched because forests and green spaces are central to the future of cities. However, it is exactly urban areas that are generally the most lacking in green spaces. Work will begin in two areas in Budakeszi Forest and Határ Forest in Kőbánya.

Kőbánya Forest (Photo: parkerdo.hu)

Forest management interventions will aim to increase the proportion of indigenous trees and shrubs at both sites. Aged and weak invasive trees will be felled in both sites to ensure the new saplings have enough light to grow.

Budakeszi Forest (Photo: parkerdo.hu)

Prompted by the MTI, Pilisi Parkerdő stated that the company turns nearly 1 billion HUF towards reforestation and forest development from its own budget every year.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: Pilisi Parkerdő begins urban reforestation programme (Photo: parkerdo.hu)