Castle walls and walkways being renovated in Buda Castle

Hungarian version of the article: Felújítják a várfalakat és a sétányokat a budai Várban

January 12, 2021 at 4:00 PM

The restoration of the parks and walls of Buda Castle is continuing with work to renovate the retaining walls and walkways throughout the Palace. The elegant historical gardens will regain their former elegance.

The National Hauszman Program has announced the next phase of the restoration of the castle walls, parks and walkways around Buda Castle on Facebook.

The program aims to ensure that residents and visitors to the Castle District can safely and comfortably walk around its walls and rest in its gardens.

The entire Ellyps Promenade was restored  by the end of 2020 (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

The entire Ellyps Promenade was restored in 2020, alongside the renovation of the Király Stairs and Hunyadi Stairs. 

Király and Hunyadi Stairs were renovated (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

The work continues with the revitalisation of the plants along the Ellyps Promenade and in the Southern Gardens. The work is being carried out following the examinations and recommendations of specialists in garden and landscape design.

Renovation of Ellyps Promenade and the Southern Gardens continues (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

The post highlights that the affected areas were overgrown with several invasive tree species that have damaged the caste or retaining walls. The National Hauszmann Program aims to restore the walkways and gardens to their former glory by removing these. 

The invasive, old and weak trees also pose a safety risk in places and are being removed (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)​

 The Castle walls are also in a state of disrepair after decades of neglect (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

Preservation and renovation of the castle walls and retaining walls underway (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

Due to decades of neglect, the walls of the castle and retaining walls throughout the garden have become unstable, or pose a safety risk. These are all being renovated or restored.

Source: Facebook page of the National Hauszmann Program | Abridged in Translation

Cover photo: The restoration of historic gardens and parks continues in Buda Castle (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

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