The 22nd District local council has told PestBuda that the new bike park's construction planned for the neglected area previously used by BKV has begun.

The local council previously announced that the 22nd District had received 40 million HUF from the state towards the construction of a bicycle pump park as part of the National Bike Park Program. According to the plans, the new facility, which will be called Elágazás Park, will be built in the area next to the Budafoki elágazás tram stop. The local council is also contributing funding towards the park.

Visual design of Elágazás Park (Photo:

As the district’s website notes, the pump track will be built with the needs of professional sport in mind but will be open to amateur cyclists. A toilet will be added to the park opposite the track, with a women's and a men's washroom and changing rooms.

A wide promenade will run through the park to allow those arriving from the Ady Endre Road and  Anna Street to reach the stop of the 41 and 47 trams easily.

Benches will be installed for those wishing to relax in the shade of the large trees. Hopefully, the area will give youths an option to spend their free time actively while organising a neglected area of the city.

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