The downtown section of the Danube bank in Pest will be renewed. On Monday, 22 November, the trees began to be planted, making the Sr. Antall József embankment between the Parliament and Margaret Bridge greener - can be read on

According to them, the development of the embankment takes place in three steps, the work first started on the section of the lower embankment of Pest between Parliament and Margaret Bridge, where a pedestrian promenade and a row of alleys will be created between the road and the Danube. A total of 34 soil-related trees have been planted from the Olimpia park line to the Margaret Bridge ramp.

A total of 34 trees are planted on the embankment from the line of Olimpia Park to Margaret Bridge (Photo:

Pedunculate oaks with a trunk height of almost three meters are planted seven meters apart. Several aspects had to be considered at the same time when selecting the tree species and placing the tree row. These include the underground utility network, the route and pavement of the new road, the proximity of the Danube, and the provision of pedestrian traffic.

The trees are planted in the cover, so modern technology is needed. Root-cell wood gratings are used, which are surrounded by a water-permeable material and filled with a loose layer of soil. These root cells will provide the conditions for the long-term, healthy development and growth of trees.

A pedestrian promenade and a row of alleys will be created between the road and the Danube (Photo:

According to the report, the renovation of the lower embankment of Pest, which started in June, is on schedule, and it is scheduled to be finished by December. Along the promenade along the Danube, new lampposts with energy-saving light sources have been installed, which meet the energy requirements of the modern age and match the style of the public lighting built in front of the Parliament. Thanks to the investment, new street furniture will also be displayed.

With the reconstruction of the section of the Sr. József Antall embankment  between the Parliament and the Margaret Bridge, the banks of the Danube can be walked continuously. Thanks to the works, the unused paved surfaces will be removed and the shoreline will become greener. The view will not be damaged, and thanks to the new promenade, visitors will be able to enjoy the panorama of the Danube while walking. The first beat is the Sr. József Antall embankment and Március 15. Square will be implemented, and the second one will be located to the south, Fővám Square, the planning of which is already underway, they write.


Cover photo: Trees are planted on the lower embankment of Pest (Photo: