2020. július 2. 18:00
Many people believe that the Chain Bridge could be the footbridge of the future. However, the bridge was not designed to be one. It consists of three well-separated sections: the two footpaths and the road section. There is no way to move between the sections, and the view from the middle is lacklustre due to the nature of the design. Another solution is the only way forward to create a footbridge that so many in Budapest have wanted for years.
2020. július 1. 16:00
The renovated cross was raised onto the east tower of St Emeric Church. The multi-month restoration of the parish which include works on the facade and the interiro has been completed.
2020. július 1. 12:00
What is now a famous Budapest landmark, the Chain Bridge, was originally constructed by a private company and opened in 1849. In return, the company received a range of financial benefits from the state, including the right to charge everyone for crossing.
2020. június 27. 13:00
A unique attraction has been opened in Budapest following the renovation of the towers of the Inner City Parish Church as lookouts. The towers offer a new view of the magnificent Budapest cityscape.
2020. június 20. 09:00
We will never know exactly how many architects imagined that they could be the designer of the Buda Castle. Those who, after the death of Miklós Ybl, felt a vocation to continue the work already begun also tried to find connections and get recommendations from the members of the Public Works Council, the construction committee, and higher circles. Eventually, Alajos Hauszmann was given the job, who was silently waiting for the decision, not even telling his family that he was the candidate.
2020. június 4. 19:00
On that day, no shops were opened in Budapest, no performances were held, cafés, restaurants and clubs remained closed. In the schools of the capital, the teachers told the students about the injustice they had experienced in Hungary, moved, with tears in their eyes. A multitude of people expelled from the torn-off area staged a silent protest on Andrássy Avenue against the 4 June Treaty of Trianon. All Pest newspapers were shocked to report on the fragmentation of Hungary, and regardless of party affiliation, they unanimously rejected the Paris decision.
2020. április 11. 22:00
On this year's National Poetry Day, 11 April - the birthday of Attila József - the public, community poem readings, which have already become a tradition, were cancelled, and we could not even visit the statues of the greatest Hungarian poets to show our respect and gratitude. Thus, Pestbuda offers only a virtual walk between the works depicting our national greats in Budapest.
1900. május 22. 17:43
Egy külföldi turista talán el sem hiszi, hogy a Gellért-hegyet nem emberi kéz alkotta. A város közepén magasodva lenyűgöző kilátást kínál, és így kézenfekvő lehet a gondolat, hogy idegenforgalmi céllal építettük. Pedig a természet ajándékáról van szó, és a kilátást nemcsak a gyönyörködtetésre, hanem hadászati célokra is fel lehetett használni. Ez indokolta egy erődítmény építését a hegytetőre, melyet Citadellának neveztek el. Az építmény a Várkapitányság révén teljesen újjászületik, a jelenleg zajló munkálatokat most alkalmunk nyílt megtekinteni.

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