2021. november 26. 13:00
The lower embankment of Pest will be renewed, where a pedestrian promenade and a row of alleys will be developed. On 22 November, the planting of 34 oaks with a trunk height of three meters began between the Parliament and the Margaret Bridge.
2021. november 26. 11:00
The renovation of the nearly 140-year-old MÁV apartment building in Kodály körönd can begin. They are restoring the facade of the state-owned property, replacing and repairing the doors and windows, while eliminating the risk of an accident.
2021. november 25. 17:00
The construction of the planned cable car on Gellért Hill received the environmental permit. The permit emphasizes that the works must comply with a number of nature protection regulations and world heritage protection requirements.
2021. november 25. 10:00
The building, which houses the Puskin Cinema and was built in 1895 according to the plans of Czigler Győző, has had a cinema in it since 1926, before which the Magyar Világ Café was located on the ground floor of the building. An audio film was first screened in Hungary at the former Fórum film theatre in 1929, although this was almost thwarted by a patent lawsuit.
2021. november 24. 18:30
150 years after its founding, the Ethnographic Museum will now operate for the first time in a new space built for its own purposes, which will be a real meeting place in the future, the institution said in a press conference yesterday.
2021. november 24. 09:00
Imre Makovecz, a master of organic architecture, designed many churches in addition to many buildings. The plans for the Church of the Ascension in Rákoskert were made between 2008 and 2009, for which the necessary financial resources were not available at that time. However, construction of the church began two years ago and is now nearing completion. The new bell has been placed in its tower these days.
2021. november 23. 17:00
Bertalan Árkay was undoubtedly one of the excellences of modern Hungarian architecture. He made one of his most emblematic works, the Városmajor Heart of Jesus Parish Church, with his father, Aladár Árkay, but he also made his mark in modern villa architecture between the two world wars.
2021. november 23. 14:00
The Hungarian National Museum commemorates the 10th anniversary of the death of Imre Makovecz, an iconic figure in Hungarian organic architecture, with a photo exhibition.
2021. november 22. 19:00
The 18-meter-high silver pine adorns Kossuth Square from Advent to the day of the Epiphany.
2021. november 22. 17:30
Architect Henrik Schmahl's early masterpiece, the mansion at Andrássy Avenue 52, will soon regain its former beauty. Currently, the historical facade, corridors and loggias are being restored.
2021. november 21. 16:00
This part of the 15th District has been the area of semi-floodplain forests dormant in the intermittent cover of the surrounding watercourses for centuries. Then came agricultural utilisation and turned the balance upside down: drainage, ploughing, deforestation ensued, and then came the construction of housing estates in the 20th century. However, we would not be in today's Budapest if local communities did not try to save their environment from urbanisation.
2021. november 20. 17:00
95 years ago today, on 20 November 1926, the mechanically cooled skating rink in City Park was handed over. Thanks to the artificial ice, the season has been extended, allowing ice skating even when the temperature does not drop below zero degrees. The one in City Park was the first artificial ice surface in the country and the second in Europe.
2021. november 20. 11:00
A fine example of historicist architecture is the Church of Saint Vincent de Paul at the intersection of Mester Street and Haller Street in Ferencváros, which was consecrated in 1936, 85 years ago. Its creator was Gáspár Fábián, who, as one of the most outstanding architects of his time, designed about fifty church buildings. The carved sandstone building, modelled on Romanesque churches in northern Italy, can accommodate up to 2,000 people. From the top of the 55-metre tower, an amazing panorama is a delight for those climbing the staircase.
2021. november 19. 16:00
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2021. november 19. 14:00
The modern gymnasium behind St. Margaret's High School won the 2021 Budapest Architecture Award, which was virtually presented last night. The rehabilitation of the Eiffel Workshop and the Rumbach Sebestyén Street Synagogue, among others, was praised.
2021. november 18. 14:30
Hidden on the side of Andrássy út. in the Jókai square of the 6th district, after the renovation, the green area will be significantly larger and the number of parking spaces will be reduced. Work, which began in October, is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022.
2021. november 18. 11:30
One of the exclusive cafés at the turn of the century was the Balaton Café [Kávéház in Hungarian], opened in 1894 on the corner of Rákóczi Road and Szentkirályi Street. The owner set himself no less a goal than to compete with the New York Café that opened at the same time. The café became the haunt of well-known politicians, famous actors, renowned writers, but its lavish interiors can unfortunately only be known from photographs today. Recently, university students took possession of the Szentkirályi Street wing, but there is nothing reminiscent of the luxurious past in the newly established examination center.
2021. november 17. 16:30
Babits Mihály Promenade is one of the most romantic streets in Budapest. It runs along the castle wall of Buda, and although the tourist traffic is huge nearby, only a few are walking in this relatively hidden area. Yet it was created in the 1930s precisely because it opened up a magical panorama of the entire city, and it was hoped it would attract foreign visitors like sugar.
2021. november 17. 13:30
The main building of the Benedictine grammar school in Csepel will be completely renovated, and a modern central hall, vocational education wings, library, pavilions and an ornamental garden will be built during the investment.
2021. november 16. 16:30
The Catholic Caritas was reorganized after the change of regime, and by 1995 a nationwide network of aid organizations had been established. They are celebrating its 90th anniversary right now. The headquarters of the institution have been in an apartment on Béla Bartók Street in Újbuda since 1990, but these days the aid organization has moved into its own building.
2021. november 15. 15:30
What was Budapest like in 1873, the year of city unification? How did you decide what the coat of arms of the capital should represent? What was the embankment and the Danube like? Visitors can get acquainted with these topics at the BTM Castle Museum, on 20 November, 2021, where those interested in the history and architecture of the capital are welcome on the birthday of Budapest.
2021. november 15. 13:00
A special and closed world bordered by a fence where artists live and create. That's how it has been for110 years. With the support of Mayor István Bárczy, the country's first artists' colony was built on Százados Road in 1911 from the budget of the capital, with fifteen one-storey houses and 28 studios. From the beginning, renowned artists created here, including Ferenc Medgyessy, Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl, Bertalan Pór, Dezső Czigány. The area, which was still a suburb at the time of its handover, is now an integral part of Józsefváros.
2021. november 12. 14:00
A new town hall, a market and a specialist clinic will be built on Zugló's main square, and a new town district with parks, a shopping street and public spaces will be established between Bosnyák Square and the Rákos stream. The multifunctional district center is scheduled for completion in 2024.
2021. november 12. 09:00
One of the most colourful personalities in the heroic age of aviation was Guido Prodam. The adventurous pilot learned to fly in Rákosmező, and he was the first Hungarian to fly over the Budapest downtown 110 years ago. During his journey, he flew along the Danube, he also flew above the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle and the Technical University.
2021. november 11. 14:30
The results of the design competition were announced, which were won by Közti Zrt. And Hamburg C Kft. Thus, according to his ideas, the new building complex of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University can be built behind the National Museum in the spring of 2026, in the area bordered by Pollack Mihály Square, Szentkirályi Street, Múzeum Street and Bródy Sándor Street, in the 8th district.
2021. november 10. 14:00
A 127-room hotel will open in the former Radetzky Barracks on Bem Square, expected in 2024. The historical 19th century building was almost completely demolished last year, leaving only the main façade overlooking the square.
2021. november 10. 09:00
In much of the world today, cars are on the right side of the road, and on the European mainland, this is the traffic regulation, wherever we go. However, this was not always the case: the right-hand drive in Hungary only became common 80 years ago, in November 1941, as one of the last countries on the European continent. However, several transport vehicle still operated according to the original order, the change in the Kisföldalatti [the small underground railway] only took place in 1973.
2021. november 9. 14:30
Archaeologists excavated the remains of a seven thousand years old settlement in the 11th district on Madárhegy. Fragments of mainly pottery and animal bones left behind by Stone Age people were found in the pits.
2021. november 8. 18:30
Virgil Nagy, who designed the structures that fundamentally define the view of Budapest, passed away 100 years ago, the architectural design of the Liberty Bridge and the aesthetic appearance of the old Elizabeth Bridg , which was blown up in 1945, are his works.
2021. november 8. 16:00
According to the plans, the area currently used for parking will be transformed into a park and opened to the people of Budapest. The renovation of the Town Hall Park may start in 2023, but it is also planned to renovate the rear facade of the Town Hall facing Károly Boulevard.

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