2020. december 1. 15:00
St. Stephen's Basilica is the largest church in Budapest. Today, it is one of Budapest's most famous monuments of the capital, thanks to the work of Miklós Ybl. However, it also features prominently in the oeuvre of two other architects: József Hild started its design, while József Kauser finished its construction. Construction lasted an astounding 55 years, and the church was finally consecrated 115 years ago, on 19 November 1905.
2020. november 30. 15:00
The Christmas market before Saint Stephen's Basilica was voted the most beautiful Christmas Market in 2019. This year, the event will be unusual and move online. The three festive symbols, a 12-meter tall decorated Christmas tree, a nativity scene and an Advent wreath with a diameter of 5 metres will be placed in Saint Stephen's Square.
2020. november 30. 10:00
A huge building on Lónyay Street has stood empty for fifteen years. It has been unused for so long that most passers-by will not even remember its name. Yet for more than a hundred years, it was the centre of trading in pledged goods. Over the past years, there have been plans to build a hotel in the walls, films have been shot within them, and there were fears that it would be demolished. In the end, this beautiful example of turn-of-the-century architecture is being saved.
2020. november 29. 10:00
The introduction of a new type of aircraft has always been a great sensation in Budapest. It was no different when the most modern passenger aircraft of the time, a product the Soviet aviation industry, the Tu-154, arrived in the city 50 years ago.
2020. november 28. 14:00
A Sarmatian settlement from the 2nd–3rd centuries is being excavated near Rákos Stream in the 14th District. Dugout homes, water pits, roman ceramic, glass and metal artefacts have been found.
2020. november 27. 17:00
About 250 trees have been planted in the 2nd District through November.
2020. november 27. 14:00
The old-timer tram decorated in festive lights will run on several lines this year and can be used until 6th January.
2020. november 27. 10:00
The Chain Bridge, as seen today, is not the structure that István Széchenyi dreamed of and which was built to the plans of William Tierney Clark. The Chain Bridge we love and use today is 105 years old and was opened on 27 November 1915.
2020. november 26. 14:00
The secondary school in Buda has received a completely new sports hall, the roof of which is a handball court.
2020. november 26. 10:00
In a recent article, PestBuda honoured the memory of Béla Lajta. One of the leading Hungarian architects of the early 20th century, Lajta played a definitive role in the formation of Budapest in the period. Continuing a series in honour of the centenary of his death, join us on a tour of his sacred art in the Jewish cemeteries of Salgótarjáni Street and Kozma Street.
2020. november 25. 13:00
Archaeological excavations are happening in preparation of the renovation of the Citadel. Around the fortification, the ruins of the observatory that once stood on Gellért Hill but was destroyed in 1867 have been found. The dig team has also confirmed the find of a First World War gun carriage, Celtic, Roman, and Ottoman Turkish coins. The renovation of the courtyard is set to begin soon, accompanied by the restoration on the outer walls.
2020. november 25. 09:00
The Hungarian Postal Service played a central role in the motorisation of Hungary. The company first began using foreign vehicles, but 120 years ago, the first Hungarian-made vehicles entered into service. These early attempts were not even cars, but motorised tricycles, powered by Hungarian internal combustion engines.
2020. november 24. 16:00
The massive silver pine will decorate the square from the beginning of Advent to Epiphany.
2020. november 24. 12:00
Founded in 1870 through the initiative of Ödön Szécsenyi professional firefighters have been battling flames in Budapest ever since. Over the last 150 years, they have proven themselves not only during fires and catastrophes but through the storms of History during the world wars and the siege of Budapest. Their work is now a fundamental requirement of the city functioning safely.
2020. november 23. 15:00
The newly opened Görgey Park in Csepel was renovated based on observations collected from the public. A fountain, running track and other sports equipment can be found on the green, where 40 new saplings have also been planted.
2020. november 23. 10:00
Allegations that surfaced recently in the McCarrick report have ignited calls to have Pope John Paul II stripped of his sainthood. The much-revered Pope was the first to visit Budapest, and as a result, has a living memory in Budapest.
2020. november 22. 14:00
The planning of the expansion of the Mester Street Clinic in the 9th District is underway. The six-storey building is planned to be opened in 2023, leading to the concentration of healthcare services in Ferencváros.
2020. november 22. 09:00
Augustinian Friars built the baroque church and monastery in the previously uninhabited area of what is today Buda. In 1785 the complex passed on to the Franciscan Order, who expanded the original building. Residential buildings have since surrounded the Franciscan church. Nevertheless, the walls have survived the vicissitudes of history and continue to offer peace to their community.
2020. november 21. 14:00
The park bordered by Attila Road, Krisztina Boulevard and Szarvas Square was renamed Kalevala Park last year. A monument to the Finnish epic was unveiled recently.
2020. november 21. 09:00
A few secrets from Buda Castle: there is no gas in the building for security reasons; thus, the whole complex is connected to district heating. The current dome reaches higher than the original planned by Alajos Hauszmann. At the turn of the century, the length of the connecting halls facing the river was matched only by Versailles. Pestbuda visited the building before pandemic-related limits on events entered into force, as part of a guided tour offered within the Budai Várséták ('walks in Buda Castle') series of the National Hauszmann Program.
2020. november 20. 14:00
Starting from Jászai Mari Square and moving north a total of 105 elderly acacia trees will be felled and 161 common maples planted. The maple is indigenous, can cope well with urban environments and grows lush foliage within a few years.
2020. november 20. 09:00
Following the devastation of World War II a series of temporary bridges were constructed in Budapest to ensure movement around the city. One of these was the Petőfi Pontoon Bridge, which was named after the fact that it connected Petőfi Square in Pest, with Döbrentei Square in Buda, not far from the ruins of Erzsébet Bridge. However, the population quickly became to use the slightly more ingenious name, Böske Bridge, Böske being a common Hungarian nickname for Erzsébet or Elizabeth. The name Petőfi Bridge was later inherited by a completely different structure.
2020. november 19. 14:00
The Hungarian National Academy of Music opened with much ceremony 145 years ago on 14 November 1875. The institution was temporarily housed on the present-day Március 15. Square, Hal Square at the time. It moved into the four-storey palace on Andrássy Avenue in 1879. Its current main building on Liszt Ferenc Square was opened in 1907. Franz Liszt and Ferenc Erkel are the reason that the highest level of music training began in Hungary.
2020. november 19. 09:00
The new bronze bust of the writer Sándor Márai was erected in the suburbs of Újpest on Szent László Square.
2020. november 18. 14:00
A new interactive map highlights public spaces in Budapest that bare names that refer to territories, settlements, fortifications, ethnographic areas and peoples annexed by surrounding countries as a result of the dictated Treaty of Trianon that ended World War I for Hungary.
2020. november 18. 09:00
A rail bridge has crossed above the intersection of Tétényi Road – Bartók Béla Road and Karolina Road in the 11th District for 71 years. In connection to the development of the Southern Ring Railway, a longer and wider railway overpass is being built. The goal is to convert the newly gained space underneath into an urban plaza, with trees and greens, and ample room for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport passengers to move through freely.
2020. november 17. 17:00
A unique drone shot of the reconstructed building of Buda Castle has been released. After a close view of the newly restored Mátyás Fountain, turning to the Main Guardhouse and its charismatic café, to fly over and into the newly completed Riding hall. After a close examination of the building's details, the shots swoops past the Csikós Statue.
2020. november 17. 14:00
The reconstruction and expansion of the Vizafogó Nursery has won this year's Budapest Építészeti Nívódíj or the Budapest Architecture Award. The third phase of the MOME Campus and Creative Innovation Knowledge Park, the National Museum Restoration and Storage Centre, and the Ligeti Studio villa, alongside the Havana Market, received honourable mentions.
2020. november 17. 09:00
Budapest is a city of constant change. This is especially true for parts of the city that were once industrial centres or served these industries. The decaying remains of 100–150-year-old factories are often called rust belts. While the future of many of these areas remains uncertain, some examples have been completely transformed and given an entirely new lease on life. Over the past 25 years, the Millennium City Centre has sprouted where the Danube-Bank Freight Station once stood and has become such an area.
2020. november 16. 16:00
The renovation of the 143-year-old Nyugati Pályaudvar's, the Western Railway Station's, roof is underway. However, due to newly discovered faults revealed by the work in progress, further repairs will have to be carried out on the historical monument. These unforeseen additional tasks will delay completion of the restoration until the end of summer 2021.

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