2020. október 27. 14:30
Statue of George H. W. Bush., 41st President of the United States of America, has been unveiled on Szabadság Square. The bronze full-length work was erected alongside a statue of Ronald Reagan.
2020. október 27. 11:30
The Supreme Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) operates in a special building. Its headquarters are among the few buildings on the bank of the Danube that were not destroyed in the Second World War. However, the building displayed on the commemorative coin on the 150th anniversary is not its current headquarters. The institution's former building was constructed before World War I on the Buda side of the River and designed by Lajos Jámbor and Zoltán Bálint.
2020. október 26. 16:30
The section of the tram tracks between the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Erzsébet Bridge was opened on 20 October 1900, 120 years ago.
2020. október 26. 12:00
The socialist shopping centre opened on örs Vezér Square forty years ago. While Terminal originally one the contest announced to find a name, the city council eventually named the 29-thousand square metre shopping centre Sugár. Filled with the state-owned shops of the era the store brought several novelties. Home delivery could be requested on certain items, pre-orders could be placed, and the upper floors were wheel-chair accessible. The hit slogan, Csak egy ugrás a Sugár (loosely, 'jump over to Sugár') became the iconic phrase of a generation.
2020. október 25. 15:00
Szent Angéla School in the 2nd District is being renovated and expanded. A new community room, a science wing, and a new library are being created.
2020. október 24. 15:00
Átrium was a unique cinema in every respect. It differed from the others in Budapest not only because of its modern building but also in how it was operated. The elegant new auditorium seated 800 people and offered a new quality in both sound and elegance when opened in 1935.
2020. október 22. 17:00
Ilona Tóth was a final year medical student who was an extern during the 1956 revolution became a symbolic figure of the communist regime's retaliation for the revolution. A new bust commemorating her has been unveiled in the courtyard of the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Clinic and Hospital in Kőbánya.
2020. október 22. 14:00
A small collection of poems from Hungarian poets was published recently. Naturally, it is connected to Budapest. The pages of the booklet are decorated with pictures of statues found around Budapest.
2020. október 22. 10:00
The renovated Bulgarian Orthodox Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius on Vágóhír Road in the 9th District has been inaugurated. During the ceremony a memorial to the Metropolitan Boris of Nevkropov who was martyred in Communist Bulgaria. The high priest of Bulgaria visited Budapest in 1931 and participated in laying the foundation stone of the church.
2020. október 21. 16:00
Fontana House on the corner of Véáci Street and Régi Posta Street, built in 1984 is to be torn down to make way for a new modern building with commercial areas on its ground floor and housing above.
2020. október 21. 09:30
Trains will run the entire length of the M3 metro line for two weeks until 6 November. On 7 November renovation of the central section between Nagyvárad tér and Lehel tér stations will begin.
2020. október 19. 17:00
Cyclists will be able to board nearly one-third of all trams in Budapest with their bicycles from 17 October.
2020. október 19. 14:00
The Budapest City Council is accepting opinions and ideas regarding the future of Római-part. Hospitality providers and sports clubs in the area are also being involved in the planning process.
2020. október 19. 09:00
The Main Customs House building, which today houses Corvinus University is a major sight in Budapest. The façade is decorated by 22 statues of figures from Greek-Roman mythology and traditional Hungarian crafts. The main courtyards, staircases, the internal and external decorations all highlight just how great a masterpiece the building is. Construction of the building began 150 years ago in 1870, according to plans drawn up by one of the greatest Hungarian architects, Miklós Ybl.
2020. október 17. 15:00
The wooden cross at the intersection of Diana and Gyöngyvirág Streets in the 13th District has been renovated. The crucifix that originally stood here was demolished in the 1950s but rebuilt in 2008.
2020. október 17. 11:00
Following a tragedy in Vienna, abridge renovation project was launched in Budapest in 1979. Szabadság Bridge was slated for renovation in 1981, however, was eventually prioritised due to urgent work. Despite this, the bridge was closed again in 1985, as the original steel support columns had been corroded so significantly they became unstable. However, during this second renovation, the decision to repaint the bridge to its original green was also made.
2020. október 16. 19:00
A total of ten new information boards have been set up in Buda Castle at locations such as the renovated Matthias Fountain, the Savoyai Terrace, the Raven Gate, and Szent György ('Saint Geroge') Square and the Maria lift.
2020. október 16. 13:00
Laws on state registries and civil marriage were passed in 1894 but only entered into force a year later on 1 October 1895. The novelty of the now everyday ceremony caused such a rush that the three registrars in Budapest at the turn of the century could barely cope with the number of marriage requests. Where and how did the first civil marriage in Hungary unfold?
2020. október 16. 10:00
The government would prefer to take over development projects towards which the City Council has requested 55 billion HUF from the state. The plan was revealed as yesterday's sitting of the Budapest Public Works Council. The projects in question include the Biodome and the funicular planner for Gellért Hill. An agreement is yet to be reached regarding these plans. However, the government is already set to take over the development of the H2 suburban railway line to Gödöllő, and its connection to the M3 metro. The extension of the Buda tram network on Műegyetem Embankment is also to be funded by the state. The government has also blocked the city's plans to take a loan from the European Development Bank and the introduction of the so-called restart tax. The 6 billion HUF needed for the renovation of Chain Bridge will be transferred to the city when all other funds required for the project have been secured.
2020. október 15. 18:00
When asked to name Hungarian architects, most people will likely mention Miklós Ybl and Ödön Lechner. This is no coincidence; the two architects were prolific and important artists is their age. But how much do people know about their time and their contemporaries? The new volume Ylb és Lechner vonzásában provides information on these.
2020. október 15. 12:00
István Benedek, the renowned 20th-century writer, doctor, psychiatrist and public figure was the son of the great Székely storyteller Elek Benedek, and both of them remain household names in many Hungarian families to the present day. Beyond his books, István Benedek is memorialised by a Székely gate that he carves himself, and erected before the villa he lived in from 1957. Interestingly, the house itself was built by the well-known bookbinder Nándor Gottermayer.
2020. október 14. 10:00
An independent theatre for folk plays that is the Popular Theatre or People's Theatre, Népszínház was opened as a home for the genre which had become popular during the Hungarian National Awakening. The building was completed as a result of an increasingly concerted effort and support from the city. Standing on the present-day Blaha Lujza Square, the structure was designed by the Austrian architects Fellner and Helmer, who were well-known for their theatres. The beautiful building in the eclectic-style was opened with much circumstance on 15 October 1875. The building housed the National Theatre from 1908 and was torn down in the spring of 1965.
2020. október 13. 18:44
Due to expectations that the COVID-19 epidemic will reach its peak in Hungary during the advent period the traditional Christmas market held every year on Vörösmarty Square has been cancelled.
2020. október 13. 09:00
Bartók is one of the greatest composers of the 20th century. His life was deeply connected to Budapest. His career began the city, and he left for the United States from here 80 years ago. On the 75th anniversary of his death visited the most important sites of his life in Budapest.
2020. október 12. 19:30
A government decree recently published in the official Hungarian Gazette allows planning of over three thousand P+R parking spaces and storage for at least two thousand B+R bicycles to begin this year. The hope is that the improved facilities will encourage people living in the Budapest agglomeration to travel into the city centre by train or suburban railway and contribute to a reduction in traffic.
2020. október 12. 17:58
On 12 October 1885 150 workers began to dig a 40,000-cubic-metre pit. With this construction of the Hungarian parliament building began based on plans drawn by Imre Steindl. Lasting nearly two-decades the project transformed a neglected, to-be-developed part of the city, Tömő tér, into one of the most symbolic places in the country.
2020. október 11. 13:00
Budapest adopted its first modern urban development plan in 1940. The massive 150-page document took eight years to prepare. Its main goal was to provide a livable environment for the inhabitants of the quickly growing city. The plan accounted for an increase in motor traffic, marked routes for underground railways, and pushed for architecturally unified residential areas. It also contained plans for the creation of community gardens in the densely populated areas of Pest and designated the embankment as an expressway for vehicles.
2020. október 10. 12:00
There are few places in modern Budapest where the defining institutions of community life can be found side by side. There may not even be such a place any more. Nevertheless, one-hundred or one-hundred and fifty years ago people believed it was vital that they not have to cover large distances to go to church, drop their Children of at school, reach a hospital quickly or sort official matters out. It was best, if church, school, hospital, administrative offices or maybe even a cinema or social club could be found nearby. Bakáts Square was just such a place.
2020. október 9. 15:00
Established ninety years ago, Zugló became an independent district 85 years ago. The 14th District connects the city centre with the outer parts of the city, and its role is reflected in its architecture. Beautiful villas built by artists stand alongside stunning school buildings, monuments and the headquarters of various institutions in the styles of historicism and Art Nouveau and these were joined in the 1970s by housing estates.
2020. október 8. 14:00
The Central Physics Research Institute, KFKI was established in Csillebérc seventy years ago. Near Normafa the institution quickly became a central location of scientific and academic life in Hungary and was visited by several Nobel Prize-winning researchers. The first nuclear reactor in Hungary, which is still operational, was built here, and the Pille radiation dose meter was also developed on the campus. Scientists awarded by NASA have also worked within its walls. Divided into several divisions after the end of socialism in Hungary, Csillebérc still houses committed researchers.

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